Grayland Park and the Memorial Community Center

September 23, 2015 Downtown, Puyallup

The Teen events held at this center exemplify the fact that there are many, many great teens in our world. All are welcome and everybody will have a great time. Events in the center harkens back to the days of the grange hall dances, big community events that somehow bring everyone together to socialize, meet new friends, and try out some new dance steps; just as we did as kids. The story of Grayland Park and the Memorial Community Center:Read More

Good Samaritan Hospital – History

September 23, 2015 Downtown, Puyallup

The Good Samaritan Hospital was a 225-bed acute care facility with an active staff of 250 physicians. Supplementing the staff are more than 800 volunteers who annually donate more than 50,000 hours of time to enhance patient care. The hospital changed it’s name to MultiCare Good Samaritan Hospital, however, it is still located in the same location in Puyallup. The building was also re-vamped during this process. Do you want to learn a tiny bit about the History of GoodRead More

Ezra Meeker History & Photos

September 23, 2015 Downtown, Puyallup

Ezra Meeker, was born December 29, 1830 in Huntsville, Ohio, the son of Jacob Meeker and Phoebe Meeker. By the time he was 10 years old, the Meeker family had moved to Indiana, near Indianapolis. Even at this young age, Ezra Meeker had a pioneering spirit, insisting he walk and explore; he walked nearly every step to Indiana. In 1851, he married his childhood sweetheart, Eliza Jane Sumner, and together they headed out west in search of land. After aRead More

The Hop Industry in the Puyallup Valley

September 23, 2015 Downtown, Puyallup

Growing hops was important to the development of Puyallup. Pioneer Ezra Meeker was known as the hops king of the World when this photo was taken about 1890. The hops boom went bust in 1891. A brief History…. When settlers first began arriving in the valley in 1854 they found the valley floor consisted of dense strands of cedar and cottonwood trees, with often dense brush that was very difficult to remove with the tools available to them. Many ofRead More

What’s with the name, Puyallup?

September 22, 2015 Downtown, Education, Puyallup

In short, the name came from an Indian phrase “pough,” which meant “add more,” and “allup,” which meant “the people.” The Indians who lived in Puyallup’s river area, he said, always gave more than needed or expected to other Indians who came to trade. They were a very generous people. Our first settlers in the valley began to know the town as Meekersville, after Ezra Meeker, the one most considered the first to plat the land in the valley. Mr.Read More

Finding good legal representation in Puyallup

September 21, 2015 Puyallup

No one is excited to hire an attorney. Usually, when people have to hire a local Puyallup attorney it is because something really bad has happened in their life and they are looking for an attorney they can trust and who will help provide them with the best legal advice possible. Finding the right lawyer for your issue can be problematic and can cause a lot of stress. People are already under enough stress having to deal with a legalRead More

Warner Melvin Karshner Biography (Karshner Museum)

September 19, 2015 Downtown, Education, Puyallup

Warner Melvin Karshner was born in December of 1874 on his father’s farm in Ohio. After a brief move with his family to Kansas, his restless father was unhappy with the weather of the Midwest and very quickly decided to move to the new territory of the Pacific Northwest. Soon after arriving in the Puyallup Valley, Warner’s father purchased a 3-acre farm in the N.W. corner of Puyallup. Warner quickly embraced his new town, loving his surroundings and the opportunitiesRead More

Picking the right Puyallup Yoga Studio

September 16, 2015 Puyallup

Yoga is a wonderful and calming way to get into shape. Whether you are coming to yoga to gain flexibility or strength, lose weight, or reduce stress, sometimes getting started can be intimidating. There seems to be a Puyallup yoga studio on every corner in most major cities that offer all different types of yoga. Yoga can seem intimidating to people because they feel like they are not flexible or strong enough however the practice of yoga is for everyone.Read More

Puyallup Wedding Flowers (Top Mistakes)

September 15, 2015 Puyallup

Common wedding flower mistakes that are very avoidable Top wedding florists around the country all agree on the most common mistakes that brides make when it comes to ordering their flowers for their wedding. There are certain issues that they deal with on daily basis that make it difficult sometimes for them to provide the best possible service for the bride. The florists want to make sure that they can do the best job possible and to provide the mostRead More

Washington State Fair Rides & Fun!

This Friday the 11th, the Washington State Fair will start again for another year. Each year is more exciting than the last. One of the main attractions of the Puyallup Fair is its rides. Washington State Fair rides are arguably one of the biggest perks of going to the Fair. It brings out the “kid” in all of us.  Every year they have all kinds of kid activities as well so it really is all ages.  In fact, if yourRead More

Puyallup Fair Concerts 2015

The Washington State Fair (Puyallup Fair) will be starting this weekend and for me personally, I love the concerts.  Over the years, I would say that I have attended 6 or so concerts in the grandstands.  It’s been a great time and they continue to bring big names to our small town.  I remember growing up even our family went together for a few.  If you’re familiar with the Fair concerts, you’ll see a few repeats each year but theyRead More

Getting Married in Puyallup

September 8, 2015 Puyallup

Getting married can be a wonderful, exciting time in your life but it can also be stressful and overwhelming. Planning a wedding is almost a full time job itself. Many brides in order to save money are planning their own weddings and this can cause a lot of stress. Most brides spend, on average, a year planning their wedding and that never seems like enough time. The majority of brides have families or jobs that make planning a wedding difficult.Read More

How’s The Weather?

August 25, 2015 Puyallup

Of course many of our readers have lived in the Puyallup area for a long time.  You know the weather in Puyallup because you’ve experienced it for many years.  For our out of state visitors or those who maybe considering relocating here then this post is for you. Puyallup experiences all 4 seasons.  During the summertime you typically are in the range of the mid 70s to the mid 80s.  You also have some really hot days sprinkled in there. Read More

Puyallup School District Jobs Available

August 25, 2015 Puyallup

The job market right now can difficult.  The good news is that The Puyallup School District is hiring. If you’re not aware, the Puyallup District is quite large.  It includes 23 elementary schools, 7 junior high schools, 4 high schools, and an alternative school.  If you combine all the schools, Puyallup has about 22,000 students.  The District has jobs available for classified, certified, and administration personnel.  In addition, you can also apply directly with the District and additional positions maybe available there.Read More

Rogers High School

August 13, 2015 Education, Puyallup

Governor John R. Rogers (known as ‘Rogers High School’) is located on South Hill in Puyallup, Washington. The school mission and vision is “WE! Every Day for Every Ram!” “We” stands for Win Everything. We believe that if students have the mentality and support to “Win” at the “4 A’s” (academics, activities, athletics and the arts) coupled with building successful and positive relationships, their growth in each one of those areas will reach their full potential. Rogers is well knownRead More

Puyallup High School

August 13, 2015 Education, Puyallup

Located in Downtown Puyallup in the Valley you’ll find the Puyallup High School.  The school is part of the Puyallup School District.  The district includes 3 other high schools as well which are Rogers High School, Emerald Ridge High School, and Walker High School.  PHS is the home of the Vikings and one of the biggest high schools in the state of Washington.  The colors of the school are purple and gold. The Principal of the school is Eric FredericksRead More

Health & Fitness

July 15, 2015 Puyallup

The Pacific Northwest is a very healthy and active area. In Puyallup people stay active year round and can be found biking and running on local trails as well as kayaking, swimming, and other water activities through the summer months. There are many parks where you can get together with friends to play ultimate Frisbee, flag football, or soccer. During those rainy months, many find themselves joining a local gym to stay dry and stay fit. Some of those include: MelRead More


July 14, 2015 Downtown, Puyallup

Puyallup is a fun place to visit. The Washington State Fair brings in people from all over the region, sports tournaments bring people to the area, people come for business, or just to enjoy the beauty of Washington. With so much happening in the area Puyallup has several accommodations that will fit the bill for any stay. Many hotels have easy access to freeways, dinning, and shopping. You will be sure to enjoy your stay. Holiday Inn Express The HolidayRead More

Places To Visit Today in Puyallup

The weather today in Puyallup is amazing and that means you need to get out of the house and have some fun. If you’re new to Puyallup or just moved here – then give these main places to visit a try. It’s a short list but covers all the big places you must see and what better time then now to go see them! Puyallup Fair People come from all over to see the semi-annual Puyallup Fair! It was votedRead More

Volunteer Opportunities

July 14, 2015 Puyallup

Puyallup truly is a community. It is the people that make the city great and many individuals go above and beyond to make the city what it is. One of the ways this happens is by volunteering. Puyallup has many ways to interact and help in the local community. Volunteering is a great way to meet new people, make a positive impact in the community, and give back. Being a tight knight area, there are ample ways to invest in theRead More

Puyallup Yard Maintenance Tips for New Homebuyers

July 14, 2015 Puyallup, Real Estate

Being a new homeowner can have a lot of responsibilities and one of them is right outside; in the yard. As you know Puyallup is very seasonal but keeping your yard up to date is important. Personally, I know this is one of my biggest faults as a homeowner. Not taking care of my lawn very well. At one point in my life I actually moved to a home that was smaller so the yard would be easier to manage.Read More

Where to find a car in Puyallup?

July 14, 2015 Cars & Trucks, Puyallup

There are many places to buy a car in Puyallup – Both New and Used There are so many car dealerships both new and used in Puyallup; there is no need for you to go outside the city to find a deal on a car. The downtown area on River Road has so many dealerships that your head will spin. Most of the dealerships have websites and they do stay current with their inventory. Having purchased several cars in PuyallupRead More

How to Feel at Home in Your New City

July 14, 2015 Puyallup

Moving to a new city or neighborhood is like going on a new adventure. Unpacking boxes and getting stuff sorted out in your new home is pretty time consuming and tiring. I know when I moved to Puyallup, I was overwhelmed.  The City of Puyallup has so much to do and so many places to visit.  Everything is also really close to each other whether it’s a restaurant, shopping centers, or a movie theater. There are different ways to getRead More

Puyallup Art Scene

July 14, 2015 Education, Puyallup

Arts Downtown/Valley Arts United Arts Downtown and Valley Arts United are organizations that provide a free outdoor gallery in downtown Puyallup. Since 1995 they have built a collection of over 32 pieces. It is enjoyable to walk through the downtown area and view these artistic pieces. Works are created by students, professional, and emerging artists. The pieces are valued and appreciated by the community. The Northwest Sinfonietta The Northwest Sinfonietta is a group of nationally acclaimed musicians that perform inRead More

Coffee Shops

July 14, 2015 Puyallup

  As the leaves begin to change, the temperature drops, and the rain begins to fall, people in the Puyallup find themselves leaving behind those outdoor summer days to find some warmth and comfort indoors. Coffee shops are a staple in the Pacific Northwest, and for good reason. Many locals find themselves moving into popular coffee shops to read a book, chat with a friend, or simply relax while enjoying the smell of freshly ground coffee beans. We don’t mindRead More

Good Neighborhood Manners 101

July 14, 2015 Puyallup, Real Estate

Though moving into a new Puyallup neighborhood can be exciting and getting to know the community is also a good way to integrate, there are some rules that everyone should abide to for building a good reputation and also maintaining proper respect towards the people in your neighborhood. Here are a list of do’s and don’ts: 1)  Introduce yourself to your neighbors. For everyone this is beneficial. Having a nice welcoming and also beginning is always a good sign forRead More

Puyallup Parks and Recreation

July 14, 2015 Puyallup

The Puyallup Parks and Recreation organization devotes time to ensuring quality and maintenance of local parks and recreation facilities. Three separate divisions make up this organization including, recreation services, senior services, and park maintenance and development. Concerts in the Park: Each summer concerts are held in community parks during the months of July and August. Concerts include a wide variety of music. Concerts are family friendly and held at Pioneer Park and Bradley Lake Park. 2016 Information. Walking Paths LocalRead More