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Back to School Tips

psdStudents in the Puyallup School District started school on September 6th. With new backpacks, sharpened pencils, and a well-packed lunch, thousands of students returned to start a new year. Teachers have been preparing for weeks to welcome back new pupils ready to learn. So now that we are back in the classroom and out of the summer sun, what can you do to ensure that going back to school is a smooth transition? It’s difficult to get out of the summer schedule, but we thought we would share a few quick tips to making back to school a smooth and enjoyable process.

1. A consistent sleep pattern

The summer days of staying up late and sleeping in have come to a bittersweet end. Setting a consistent alarm clock won’t feel great at first, but once you get into a pattern your body will appreciate the consistency. Getting up earlier will allow you to be tired in the evening and able to fall asleep.

2. Lay out your outfit and pack your lunch the night before

You will be able to give yourself a little more time in the morning if you take care of these items the night before. A stress-free morning is a great way to start the day.

3. Talk about your day

At the end of the day talk about your highs and lows, what went well, what you were surprised about, what made you happy, what was exciting…

By having these conversations, you will pick up on useful information about what might be ahead in the school year. Have these consistently and you will continue to be informed and have good communication about how school is truly going.

4. Be proactive about the germs

Kids are going to get sick throughout the school year. Make sure you have your medicine cabinet stocked with essentials to tackle the fall cold and flu. Hand sanitizer is a life saver! If you do miss school, make sure you or your student is in contact with the teacher about missed work. It is easy to fall behind and being proactive about it will help later down the line.

5. Get involved

Whether it is baking after school, a sport, something musical, or something service oriented, getting involved in extra activities is a great way to make new friends and get connected. A new year always brings new opportunities!


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