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Privacy Policy

Thanks for visiting our website  We take your privacy very seriously.  If you ever have any concerns regarding our site or your privacy or safety please contact us directly at

The team is local and live in and around the City of Puyallup.  We take great pride in every user and resident in the area.

Overview of Privacy Policy:

While using or visiting our website, you should know the information we collect and be aware of what we do with that information.

We are a small business and the website is a for profit business.  You should assume all information, content, verbiage, products, and contact forms are being used for that effort.  The only information we collect from our visitors is industry standard information by the way of Google Analytics (and/or other analytical information) and in addition any information submitted directly to us via email or a form from our site visitors.

Our site does use log data which is provided to us via analytics.  It does collect IP and geo location information about every visitor on our website.  It only collects computer IP and location data and doesn’t include names or other personal information.  We may use this information to provide more relevant ads or services to our users.

User submitted information via our forms is collected and maybe used by our company for marketing purposes.  Users may unsubscribe from our marketing at anytime by contacting us or with our unsubscribe options.  If information is ever shared with our partners they will always be notified.  Your email maybe used to send your service related and relevant advertising.

Cookies maybe used by our website and/or by our analytical software.  Storing cookies on your computer or device is a very common practice.  Computers or devices often store these cookies and may store them from the pages you visit on our website.

While visiting our website, you should be aware that our site may link to other sites which are third party.  These may include our advertisers or other relevant websites depending on the page content.  Lastly, you should be aware that others site may link to us (or promote us) and we have no control of this procedure.

Changes to this Privacy Policy may change without notifying you.  By using our website you agree to our privacy policy and understand the usage expressed in our policy.

Any questions or concerns maybe sent to  We respect your privacy.

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