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Puyallup Schools

puyallup school district

Organized in 1854, The Puyallup School District was the third school district formed in the state of Washington. It is also the eighth largest district in the state of Washington. Serving a population of approximately 122,806 residents, the district is a very active part of the community. Located six miles east of Tacoma and 30 miles south of Seattle, schools are located in a suburb of nearby larger cities.

The district has 21 elementary schools, seven junior high schools, three comprehensive senior high schools, and an alternative school, all of which serve more than 22,250 students.

The Puyallup school district takes pride in its strong arts programs, athletics, and academics. Advanced Placement courses are offered at a number of high schools, and allow high school students the opportunity to earn college credit in high school. Schools offer programs and services to students’ at all different academic and social levels. There are ample opportunities to excel and resources available for extra support.

Puyallup schools have a great reputation, and many families chose to settle down in the area because of them. Puyallup schools are a great place to foster a comprehensive and well rounded education.

A few anticipated district events include:

  • Annual District Elementary Track Meet
  • 9th Grade Dance
  • Daffodil Parade
  • High School Musicals
  • District wide honor band and choir
  • High School Sporting Events
  • Commencement
  • Junior High District Wide Track Meet
  • King of the Hill Football Game

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