Puyallup Schools

July 14, 2015 Education, Puyallup

Organized in 1854, The Puyallup School District was the third school district formed in the state of Washington. It is also the eighth largest district in the state of Washington. Serving a population of approximately 122,806 residents, the district is a very active part of the community. Located six miles east of Tacoma and 30 miles south of Seattle, schools are located in a suburb of nearby larger cities. The district has 21 elementary schools, seven junior high schools, threeRead More

Spotting Danger in Your Neighborhood

July 5, 2015 Puyallup, Real Estate

Though finding or spotting crime in the neighborhood is not always easy or even seen, it is good to keep a good lookout within your Puyallup community and report anything that seems out of character. When buying a home your real estate agent doesn’t really know (or cares to tell you) how bad an area can be in regards to crime. Puyallup does keep track of all the statistics related to crime in the area. Neighborhoods around the US haveRead More

Useful Tools to have in Every Home

July 4, 2015 Puyallup, Real Estate

There is list of things that can go wrong in your Puyallup home and though you could or could not be a handy man around the house, these will help with your smaller types of little mishaps that could use some fixing up. Measuring tape: As we all know we get ideas spontaneously about doing something around the house. Maybe it is the need for new curtains or perhaps new furniture. What is most important however before going along onRead More

Puyallup Is An Excellent Place To Raise a Family

June 18, 2015 Puyallup, Real Estate

Located in Pierce County there is a town which goes by the name of Puyallup. From shopping, Puyallup Restaurants, bars, and colleges Puyallup is filled with everything you need. The education system viewed as one of the best in the state. The medical industry is popular as well. With that being said homes are affordable and many families feel comfortable raising their children here. Each year this city continues to grow. Puyallup gets its name from the Puyallup Tribe ofRead More

Puyallup Fair is Heating Up!

The (Puyallup Fair) Washington State Fair is the largest event held each year in the state of Washington. This fair repeatedly ranks as one of the top 10 fairs in the United States. The Washington State fair actually hosts 2 annual events: the 17 day each September Washington State Fair and the Spring Fair held 4 days every April. History of the Name In 2006, the fair was officially referred to as the “Western Washington Fair”. But during that year,Read More

Simple Facts About Puyallup

June 18, 2015 Puyallup

Puyallup’s earliest known history stems back to a group of Indians that inhabited the land nearly 200 years ago, prior to any European Settlers moving into the region. A group of some 2,000 Indian people called this area their home. In the 1830’s, when European settlers first came into the region, they named the place Puyallup, and its people, the Puyallup Indians. As the town grew in the later 1800’s, its primary specialization was agriculture. Today Puyallup is a thrivingRead More

Historic Meeker Mansion

The Meeker Mansion in Puyallup is one of the cities most treasured attractions. Born near Huntsville, Ohio on December 29, 1830 in a log cabin, Ezra Meeker life spanned a period of almost a century in which he lived to see a nation of 13 million spread to the far Pacific with the population increasing 10 times. He took a noticeable role in the expansion and development. (Ezra Meeker history & photos) Career Ezra Meeker was a trailblazer, author andRead More

Puyallup Farmers Market

June 18, 2015 Farmers Market, Puyallup

The Puyallup Farmers Market is one of the best places to get fresh organic vegetables. If you like fresh organic grown vegetables and fruit then you need to check out the Puyallup Farmers Market which is another attraction that you just can’t miss. I usually go for the food, however, they have crafts and music as well. You’ll find the Farmers Market right in Pioneer Park. The same park where Ezra Meeker’s statue and cabin once stood. 2015 Season TheRead More

Karshner Museum

February 23, 2015 Downtown, Education, Puyallup

Having tragically lost a son, Dr. and Mrs. Warner M. Karshner founded the museum in 1930 as a tribute to their son, Paul H. Karshner, who was at the time, about to start his senior year at Puyallup High School. Over years of collecting pieces for the museum, in 1935 the Karshner family donated the collection to the Puyallup School District. The museum remains close to its school district roots, not only sharing Stewart Elementary “campus,” but also by integratingRead More

Puyallup Outdoor Gallery by Dan Klennert

October 3, 2002 Puyallup

Dan Klennert has spent much of his time fishing as a child and as an adult. While he worked as a fishing guide throughout the rivers of the northwest, fly-fishing became one of his favorite sports. This sculpture is Dan’s vision of a fish jumping up through the waster to lunch on a dragonfly. Catch of the Day Dan Klennert www.Danielklennert.com @ the Puyallup Fire Station

Puyallup Library 2002 Construction

September 23, 2002 Downtown, Puyallup

Address: 324 South Meridian, on the south end of Pioneer Park. Hours: 10am to 8pm Monday through Thursday 10am to 6pm Friday 10am to 4pm Saturday. The Library is closed on Sunday Our New Library Opens August 30th, 2002! *See photo’s of the new Library Construction from the air! below* Photo’s from the Ground…. The Library phone number is 841-5454 and their fax is 841-5483 Story Hours: This is a terrific way for your child to experience a book, sittingRead More

Foothills Trail

January 12, 2002 Downtown, Education, Puyallup

The foothills trail winds a path along the Puyallup river, from behind Kmart to the bridge on 5th St. N.E. Eventually, with more funding, the trail will run the entire length, from Puyallup to Buckley. Included will be a branch from Lower Cascade Junction to Wilkenson and to Carbonado. Where the Burlington Northern train once moved coal and lumber, now is paved and used by hundreds of runners, walkers, horses, bicyclists, and roller-bladers. There are open grass areas, and picnicRead More