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Fair Food


When you enter the fair, your senses will awake, particularly your sense of smell. The combination of sweet, savory, salty, and greasy will surround you. Below you will find a sampling of favorite foods at the fair.

Elephant Ear 

The elephant ear is a delectable light, fluffy dough covered in sugar and cinnamon- what’s not to love?  Elephant ears are devoured by attendees every year. They are a decent sized, but somehow seem to disappear quickly…



You can buy scones inside or outside the fair. I have stood in line for well over 40 minutes to pick up a bag of these scrumptious treats. The delicious jam sandwiched between two fluffy scone pieces is something I look forward to every fall. I buy the bags by the dozen and heat them up for breakfast.


Caramel Apples

A fair classic. The combination of sweet caramel and sour apple that is delectable. Those with braces might want to avoid this chewy treat. Everyone else should get in line to enjoy one. I always buy classic caramel apples. They also come covered in graham crackers, chocolate, and sprinkles.

Caramel apples

 Earthquake Burger

You can smell the grill from the moment you enter the fair gates. The earthquake burger is impressive in size and presentation. Burger lovers of all kind attempt to finish this masterpiece.

The Earthquake Burger at the Puyallup Fair 2013.

Cotton Candy

This sugary fluff always keeps us coming back for more. Which do you prefer more, the pink or blue cotton candy? That is the most important to ask yourself while waiting in line.  The second most important question is cone or bag?


Krusty Pup

We don’t call them corn dogs, we call them Krusty Pups because these are no ordinary corn dogs. A fair tradition, these battered hot dogs are a delicious classic. Grab yourself a fresh squeezed lemonade and you’re fueled for the rest of your outing.


New Fair Food

Branks BBQ

Original House of Donuts (Yum!)

Yella Beak Corona Corral

Seahawks fans, buy blue and green sour apple cotton candy available Sept. 23 – 25


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