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Good Neighborhood Manners 101

New Puyallup Neighborhoods Being Friendly

Though moving into a new Puyallup neighborhood can be exciting and getting to know the community is also a good way to integrate, there are some rules that everyone should abide to for building a good reputation and also maintaining proper respect towards the people in your neighborhood.

Here are a list of do’s and don’ts:

1)  Introduce yourself to your neighbors. For everyone this is beneficial. Having a nice welcoming and also beginning is always a good sign for comfort and connecting with others around you. Make your presence known helps others feel at ease and also gives you the opportunity to meet them. To don’t feel bad if they are not as welcoming as you are, however, that is just the way this process works.  Overtime you’ll most likely get to know them better. Go by, invite them over or simply introduce yourself. Sooner rather than later you will get to know them and have a better idea with whom you are living next door to.  The City of Puyallup Washington is (mostly) a very friendly town so don’t be shy.

2)  Keep Noise Low: Though having a party, or doing anything that requires a high volume of noise, is to be expected,  it is only common courtesy and sense to keep your noisy tasks between normal working or active daytime hours so that you keep the peace with your neighbors. A common time frame of yard work, or social events and whatnot outside the house is between 9am-9pm weekdays and 10am-9pm weekends. Try to keep noise at a minimum between 9pm-9am as this is usually the time when things are quieted down and people sleeping. Any parties, just out of respect also, possibly should be let known to your immediate neighbors just as a heads up. If you like them, even better, invite them over. It is a great way to get close to your neighbors.  Most people are ok with extra hours of noise or activities if you just give them a heads up.

3)  Parking. If there is a party, best thing to do so you don’t annoy your neighbors is to direct and fix the parking scheme so that guests do not obstruct the parking spaces or entryways of your neighbors.  Don’t block your neighbors or take their parking sports without their permission first.

4)  Cleanliness. Keep your garden well kept and uniform in terms of cleanliness and proper maintenance in congruency to your neighbors. Neighbors love to live in a community where they feel safe, understood, respected and with like minded people. Of course, you don’t have to be uniform and exact but a proper kept yard and garden shows that the shared respect and dedication is there meaning it is something important for everyone. In neighborhoods where this is practiced, it is proven that an unspoken knowledge of looking out for each other is performed.

5)  Pets: Having a pet can go into several categories; Noise and Cleanliness. When having a pet, not everyone likes them, and sometimes find them more of a nuisance than a friend. Try to keep them quiet if they can be, or if they are a slightly noisy type, then they should be outside and active during waking hours (stated above in the Noise section) and inside during sleeping and relaxed hours. No one wants to hear a dog barking in the middle of the night. Also, keeping your yard, and more importantly your neighbor’s yards clean, so picking up fido’s waste afterwards is a must. People in general love animals, but sometimes more often than not, it is the owners they don’t like if they happen to not clean up.

There you have it!  Some quick tips to living in your new Puyallup neighborhood. If you’re considering living in Puyallup make sure you read our real estate guide here.


Puyallup Parks and Recreation

puyallup parks and rec

The Puyallup Parks and Recreation organization devotes time to ensuring quality and maintenance of local parks and recreation facilities. Three separate divisions make up this organization including, recreation services, senior services, and park maintenance and development.

Concerts in the Park:

Each summer concerts are held in community parks during the months of July and August. Concerts include a wide variety of music. Concerts are family friendly and held at Pioneer Park and Bradley Lake Park. 2016 Information.


Walking Paths

Local walking paths are used year round by the community. Different paths offer different experiences, from a walk by the river to an interactive challenge course. Locations Include: Bradley Lake Park, Riverwalk Trail, Sam Peach Park, Puyallup Valley Sport Complex, and Wildwood Park Athletic Trail.

puyallup walking trail

Senior Citizens

Puyallup is a senior citizen friendly community that offers many activities and events throughout the year. The Puyallup Activity Center is located in the heart of downtown. Senior Services include classes and workshops, special events, social and health services, and tours/trips.

puyallup senior centerpuyallup senior center 1

Education, Puyallup

Puyallup Schools

puyallup school district

Organized in 1854, The Puyallup School District was the third school district formed in the state of Washington. It is also the eighth largest district in the state of Washington. Serving a population of approximately 122,806 residents, the district is a very active part of the community. Located six miles east of Tacoma and 30 miles south of Seattle, schools are located in a suburb of nearby larger cities.

The district has 21 elementary schools, seven junior high schools, three comprehensive senior high schools, and an alternative school, all of which serve more than 22,250 students.

The Puyallup school district takes pride in its strong arts programs, athletics, and academics. Advanced Placement courses are offered at a number of high schools, and allow high school students the opportunity to earn college credit in high school. Schools offer programs and services to students’ at all different academic and social levels. There are ample opportunities to excel and resources available for extra support.

Puyallup schools have a great reputation, and many families chose to settle down in the area because of them. Puyallup schools are a great place to foster a comprehensive and well rounded education.

A few anticipated district events include:

  • Annual District Elementary Track Meet
  • 9th Grade Dance
  • Daffodil Parade
  • High School Musicals
  • District wide honor band and choir
  • High School Sporting Events
  • Commencement
  • Junior High District Wide Track Meet
  • King of the Hill Football Game
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Spotting Danger in Your Neighborhood

Dangerous Neighborhoods Watch

Though finding or spotting crime in the neighborhood is not always easy or even seen, it is good to keep a good lookout within your Puyallup community and report anything that seems out of character. When buying a home your real estate agent doesn’t really know (or cares to tell you) how bad an area can be in regards to crime. Puyallup does keep track of all the statistics related to crime in the area.
Neighborhoods around the US have different means of dealing with this situation. Though some neighborhoods are safer than others, one is never free of a break-in and more often than not, at some point within each calendar year someone has scouted or looked in neighborhoods for potential break-ins.

Neighborhood watch: Some Puyallup neighborhoods collectively design a patrol set up during the week for keeping the peace in the neighborhood and keeping a look out. It is practiced quite a bit now and though not necessarily needed most of the time, it keeps people at ease and gives a sense of security in the area.

If there isn’t an active Neighborhood watch in the area, then keeping a good eye out for suspicious behavior is the best that anyone can do. This doesn’t require a stressed way of surveillance it is more just an open mind, eyes and ears.

On Vacation. Hopefully your neighbors will let you know they are out of town in order for you to just keep an extra eye for something out of ordinary. You should also let your neighbors know when you are out of town so they will know that something is suspicious if in fact something happens. As professional criminals are usually pretty good at blending in, you might think a moving company truck is a moving company truck – when in fact it could be a burglary.

Anything that looks like a delivery and takes a lot of time should arouse suspicion.

Know your neighborhood routine. Most people today have busy lives and therefore rigid or systematic schedules in order to fit everything in. You probably do as well. After time you will have a good sense of what the rhythm is in your community and anything that feels out of place or out of balance should just be noticed. It could be something or not, but it is good to be aware and just cautious of those little details around you.

It is best to have at least a phone roster of neighbors in the area. Of course, it is impossible to know everyone, it is good just to have an emergency number to check up and see if someone out of ordinary is in fact welcomed or not. It is not advisable to confront a person who is unknown to you because it could be very awkward if in fact they are welcomed and if they are not, it could be dangerous. Having a proper, rational and sound resource and plan when something like this happens, if it does happen, is a good idea.

Keeping your neighborhood safe is what it is all about. Keep your eyes and ears open.
If you have any concerns contact the Puyallup Police Department.

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Useful Tools to have in Every Home

Useful Tools to have in Every Puyallup Home

There is list of things that can go wrong in your Puyallup home and though you could or could not be a handy man around the house, these will help with your smaller types of little mishaps that could use some fixing up.

Measuring tape: As we all know we get ideas spontaneously about doing something around the house. Maybe it is the need for new curtains or perhaps new furniture. What is most important however before going along on the endeavor of purchasing or even looking for that new something, you need to know the size of that something you want.

Hammer and nails: Well, this is always useful. Perhaps you find something that you wish to hang on the wall, a picture, mirror, hook or whatever, you need these to get underway and if by the other chance you need to take a nail out, voila, you can.

Pliers: For any of those plumbing issues that do not require (yet) to call a plumber. Sometimes those little spouts, pipes and connections get loose and only need to be tightened and adjusted. I have found that most of the time it is like that. However, if you feel adventurous, and that is up to you, you can try to open sink pipes with one if you think there is something clogging the pipelines.

Multi-Head Screwdriver: This is always helpful. With a lot of DIY furniture offered and those small little tools they give you in the box, a proper screwdriver is going to be your best bet. And not only for furniture, should anything need a little tightening, you will be able to fix it immediately.

Flashlight: For any blackout situation, it is good to have several so that you can navigate around when this happens. Also good for finding things in not so lit areas of the house, such as kitchen cabinets and such or the basement.

Step Ladder: Though you might not use it all the time, it is useful to have when in need to get to those hard to reach areas or clogged gutters if they are not too high.

Fire Extinguisher: These are a necessity in your home. Advised for everyone for those oil fires going out of hand or any possible fire danger that could happen. Cords sometimes ignite and other out of the ordinary happenings.

Adjustable Wrench: Need these when the pliers might not work well enough. All bolts are different sizes and being able to successfully fit the size with this type of wrench makes what appears to be difficult tasks actually quite easy.

Lightweight Cordless Drill: A cordless drill can be a pretty versatile tool. Depending on the kinds of bits you buy, it could be used to drill various sized holes in various surfaces. Or you could use it as an electric screwdriver. Before you buy a portable drill, check the manufacturer warranty as well as the availability of parts.

Heavy-duty Scissors – A heavy-duty pair of scissors capable of cutting through thick cardboard, packaging zip ties and other rugged materials is always a handy tool to have around. Get a pair with a 9 – 10 inch serrated blade and you’ll have the ability to cut through almost anything.

Shop Vacuum – The convenience of being able to instantly clean up wet and dry chunks of a hefty mess can be quite a priceless time saver.

Work Gloves – Unfortunately, human hands are covered with fragile skin just like the rest of the body. Sometimes you need to use your hands to accomplish a task that requires a durability threshold beyond that of your exposed skin.

Extension Cord – Because an electrical outlet is not always where it should be. This is always a helpful addition to have with your tools.

Various Types of Tape – Scotch tape, masking tape and duct tape… you need them all. Tape may very well be the second greatest invention after the hammer.

And last but not least and the most important:

First Aid Kit – We are not indestructible. When you or someone you care about gets injured, a basic first aid kit becomes the single most important thing you own.

If all else fails, call a local Puyallup handyman to help you out. You can find them on Angieslist.com or if you’re feeling adventurist and want to save some serious money try Craigslist.org. Beware of many of the scams out there, however, and try to pay after the work is completed to protect yourself.

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Puyallup Is An Excellent Place To Raise a Family

Puyallup Valley Living

Located in Pierce County there is a town which goes by the name of Puyallup. From shopping, Puyallup Restaurants, bars, and colleges Puyallup is filled with everything you need. The education system viewed as one of the best in the state. The medical industry is popular as well. With that being said homes are affordable and many families feel comfortable raising their children here. Each year this city continues to grow. Puyallup gets its name from the Puyallup Tribe of Native Americans. The name means “the generous people.”

As of 2010, the population was approximately 40,000. The Washington State Office of Financial Management believes this number will continue to grow. If you’re a resident here, you know Puyallup is growing extremely fast.

Breakdown population

The population of this town is almost 100% urban. Since 2000 the population has grown at a modest clip of 15.6%. Here are some other numbers you might find interesting:

• Males – 18,498 or 48.5%
• Females – 19,649 or 51.55%
• Median age of a resident is 36.8 years
• Median household income was estimated in 2012 to be $59,700

This should tell you that this is one of those towns where people go to raise their families or start their businesses. This is the hub for:

• Retail
• Business
• Medical services

Puyallup, Washington’s ancestries includes:

• German 17.3%
• Irish 10.5%
• English 8.7%
• Norwegian 6.3%
• United States 5.6%
• French 3.2%

Puyallup has one community college in town Pierce College. It’s accredited by the state of Washington. They also have a campus just south of Puyallup in Lakewood, Washington. Education plays a large part in the town. This fits in with the comment about being a good place to raise a family. The Puyallup School District includes 4 high Schools, 7 Junior High Schools, and 21 elementary schools.

When the City of Puyallup is compared to Washington state averages here is what you come up with:

• Unemployment is below the state average;
• Median age is above average for the state;
• Percentage of foreign-born is below the state average.
Home values in Puyallup continue to appreciate each year.

Most residents work in the manufacturing industry and retail trade is not far behind. Construction is 12 percent and transportation and warehousing equal 7%. Health care and social assistant, professional, scientific, and technical services are all at 6% as is wholesale trade.

Of course you cannot think of this town without learning about the Puyallup Indians as they have lived up and down the Puget Sound shores for over hundreds of years. Their name means ‘generous and welcoming behavior to all people who enter our lands’.

The tribe membership has grown significantly in recent years and is now more than 4000 people. The majority of members live in the region of Puget Sound; however this tribe is spread out across the United States. They continue to be very active in the community.

Those tribal members who live in the Puget Sound area play spirited roles in almost all aspects of their lives. The adults in this tribe work as fisherman, attorneys, doctors and construction workers. Many are entrepreneurs who have thieving businesses. Many are actively sharing their Puyallup culture with the surrounding communities through art exhibits, pow wows, and other variety of activities. They also provide scholarships and fundraisers for the youth.

This is a small part of the Puyallup community culture and one can begin to draw a picture of a city that is perfect for growing families to live in. Good jobs, income, opportunities, plus an excellent variety of schools to choose from. Whether its community or private schools, families have so many options as it relates to education.

The beautiful country side in Washington makes this a perfect location for the outdoor families or individuals who love camping, hiking, and mountain exploration. Clark’s Creek is a small trail located in Puyallup. If you visit it at the right time of year you can witness the spawning salmon in the creek. If you really want an adventure then you can head up to Mt. Rainier. The Mt Rainier National Park is about a 1.5 hour drive.

Information provided by Puyallup.com

Official City of Puyallup logo below.

Official City of Puyallup Seal

Puyallup, Washington State Fair

Puyallup Fair is Heating Up!

Washington State Fair Puyallup

The (Puyallup Fair) Washington State Fair is the largest event held each year in the state of Washington. This fair repeatedly ranks as one of the top 10 fairs in the United States. The Washington State fair actually hosts 2 annual events: the 17 day each September Washington State Fair and the Spring Fair held 4 days every April.

History of the Name

In 2006, the fair was officially referred to as the “Western Washington Fair”. But during that year, this name was dropped and changed to match the more common usage. The name of the fairground was changed to “The Puyallup Fair and Events Center”. Finally in 2013 the fair was named the Washington State Fair.

100 Years

Over 10 decades ago, the Puyallup Valley community joined in order to start a “Valley Fair”. The fair offered a place to show animals of all types and it as well became a place to show crops which thrived in the valley’s rich land. Then, as now, people came from near and far to go to the Fair. The founders began the fair, yet it was the Fairgoers who made it the success it has become.

Some of the concert acts for the 2015 Washington State Fair were recently announced and once again. Reserved seating for concerts can be made online. Concert tickets include Washington State Fair gate admission which is a $12.50 value. Tickets are required for children who are 2 years age and older. Rates can change from year to year so make sure you verify these numbers and information on their website.

Fair E–Club

By joining the exclusive Fair E-Club you will get access to exclusive presale of concert tickets, letting you buy tickets before they are on sale to the public! Many of the concerts sell out fast so by signing up early you’ll get a just start.

Heart Concert 2015 fair

We already have news on the 2015 fair. Everyone just loves a really good “local finds success’’ story. Nancy and Ann Wilson, otherwise known as “Heart”, continue to extensively tour and play to houses that are packed everywhere they go. They will return home to the Puget Sound area this September. Last Monday afternoon, it was announced that Heart was the third 2015 Concert series show to be broadcasted by the Washington State Fair. There show will be at the fair’s stage on Tuesday Sept 15. Show’s kick- off will begin at 7:30. Party Pre-Show tickets are $32.50 but do not contain Fair gate or Concert admissions. At the party before the show, includes dinner, and drinks, plus activities and special prizes with Ann and Nancy Wilson.

“Weird Al” Yankovic Sept. 14 at 7:30 pm

Not many know that “Weird Al” Yankovic as a teen was an extremely shy, accordion – player. He got his start by sending homemade tapes to the “Dr. Demento Radio Show”. That was how he got his start to become one of the largest-selling comedy performers in history selling over 12 million. He is now in his 4th career decade, having earned 3 Grammys out of 14 nominations and countless other awards and tributes. He will be in concert at the Washington Fair on Sept. 14, 2015 starting at 7:30 pm. Weird All has been visiting our local fair for several years and it’s always a great time.

Keith Urban – Sept. 19, 2015 Monday 7:30pm

One of the music fields most exhilarating live performers, 4 times Grammy winner and judge on American Idol, Keith Urban, will bring his tour to the fair. Pre-Show Party tickets cost $32.50 but do not include Concert or Fair gate admission.

Born in Whangarei, North Island, New Zealand and named ‘Keith Lionel’ Urban in 1967 Keith, his parents and brother moved to Brisbane, Queensland. They then moved to Caboolture, one hour north of Brisbane. At a young age Urban started playing instruments, including the guitar, drums, bass guitar, keyboard, ganjo (6 string banjo), piano and sitar. Keith Urban is also a judge on the television show American Idol. Local channel 13 Fox.

His musical career switched into high gear after he moved to Nashville in 1992. His first album in America was while he was a member of “The Ranch” in 1997, followed then by ever more hits with solo albums such as:

• Keith Urban 1999;
• Golden Road 2001;
• Be Here 2004;
• Love, Pain and the Wild Crazy Thing 2006;
• Defying Gravity 2009.

Hall of Fame

Last at the fair in 2013, Heart will come home as members of the most recent class inducted into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame. Their recognition in Hall of Fame announces them as the first women to front for a hard rock band. They have been an encouragement to the female musicians everywhere who were once told that rocking was only for the boys. Information on when tickets go on sale will be posted as soon as possible.

Other concerts just announced for 2015 include:

Fifth Harmony and special guest Bea Miller. Wednesday, Sep 16 at 7:30pm, $28.00 – $55.00

Crystal Gayle & Lee Greenwood. Thursday, Sep 17 at 7:30pm, $28.00 – $45.00

Iggy Azalea and special guests Tinashe & Elijah Blake. Tuesday, Sep 22 at 7:30pm, $55.00 – $85.00

Duran Duran with special guest Chic featuring Nile Rodgers. Wednesday, Sep 23 at 7:30pm, $60.00 – $100.00

Kool & the Gang plus En Vogue. Friday, Sep 25 at 7:30pm, $35.00 – $60.00

Jason Derulo. Saturday, Sep 26 at 7:30pm, $40.00 – $65.00

Pitbull. Sunday, Sep 27 at 7:30pm, $70.00 – $110.00

History of the Name

In 2006, the fair was officially referred to as the “Western Washington Fair”. But during that year, this name was dropped and changed to match the more common usage. The name of the fairground was changed to “The Puyallup Fair and Events Center”. Finally in 2013 the fair was named the Washington State Fair.

Concert tickets can be found online and at the Fair Box Office.


Simple Facts About Puyallup

Puyallup Facts & Population

Puyallup’s earliest known history stems back to a group of Indians that inhabited the land nearly 200 years ago, prior to any European Settlers moving into the region. A group of some 2,000 Indian people called this area their home. In the 1830’s, when European settlers first came into the region, they named the place Puyallup, and its people, the Puyallup Indians. As the town grew in the later 1800’s, its primary specialization was agriculture. Today Puyallup is a thriving city ever growing in size. Sitting at the foot of Mt. Rainier, the area boasts spectacular views while still providing a modern-day urban atmosphere inside the city.

Puyallup Population

Population (2013): 38,609
Population (2000): 33,011
Population (1990): 25,610
Population Change: 28.9% Growth
Housing Units (2000): 13,467
Median Household Income (1999): $47,269
Median Value of owner-occupied housing units (2000): $155,100

Puyallup Business Facts

Businesses/Firms (1997): 3,367
Total Retail Sales (1997): $955,582,000
Manufacturer Shipments (1997): $320,511,000
Accommodation & Food Service Sales (1997): $72,078,000

Downtown, Education, Entertainment, Puyallup

Historic Meeker Mansion

Meeker Mansion Puyallup

The Meeker Mansion in Puyallup is one of the cities most treasured attractions.

Born near Huntsville, Ohio on December 29, 1830 in a log cabin, Ezra Meeker life spanned a period of almost a century in which he lived to see a nation of 13 million spread to the far Pacific with the population increasing 10 times. He took a noticeable role in the expansion and development. (Ezra Meeker history & photos)


Ezra Meeker was a trailblazer, author and a superb salesman of the Pacific NW.  Meeker is almost certainly known best for his 25 year struggle to interest the nation and particularly interest Congress to the marking of the Old Oregon Trail, over which three hundred thousand immigrants had travelled searching for a start that was fresh in the West.

Known throughout the World

Long before this epic adventure Meeker had already lived a three score and ten years of purposeful and vigorous life by pioneering and leadership that made him well-known not only locally and nationally but internationally. There are very few men who have accomplished so much in a lifetime.

Trail West

In the late 1800’s, Ezra Meeker married Eliza Jane Sumner then in April of 1852, a son was born. When his son named Marion was only 7 weeks old they joined the trail west with total possessions of:

• two yoke of oxen;
• one wagon;
• three cows;
• provision for the trail;
• High hopes.

Five long, dusty, hot and very fatiguing months they finally reached Portland, Oregon on October 1st, with only 3 dollars.

Staked His Land

They eventually settled in today’s Puyallup. It was there that Mr. Meeker staked his claim, cleared the land and then became a very influential, and one of the richest men in the state, as well as internationally and nationally famous in commercial circles.

The Meeker Mansion is an Italianate Victorian mansion with 17 rooms. Located on Spring Street in Puyallup, this home built by Meeker and finished in 1890. Meeker finished building this very impressive mansion as a gift to please his wife. The home was designed by Ferrell and Darmer Architects from Tacoma. The Meeker Mansion is now owned and operated by the Meeker Historical Society which is a 300 member, private, non-profit corporation.

Lets continues its history….

Ezra Meeker accumulated his wealth during the 1870’s from the hops he grew in the fertile valley soil. Together with his wife’s inheritance, they had their home (today’s Meeker Mansion) built for a cost of $26,000. The mansion rooms included a billiard room and a third floor ballroom as well. It even was built with a rudimentary intercom system of speaking tubes to connect the rooms. The home was a show piece in the community, and a truly loved home of Ezra’s wife, Eliza Jane. However, within a few years, Meeker’s affluence was becoming less as the infestations of valley crops drained much of his wealth. The home was becoming a financial burden to Ezra and his wife Eliza Jane, but Ezra vowed he would not move his wife from the house she loved so dearly. The financial strain continued until Eliza’s death in 1909, but Ezra kept his promise. That same year he put the home up for sale.

After years as serving as a hospital, a home for the Ladies of the Grand Army of the Republic, a nursing home, it was finally given to the Ezra Meeker Historical Society in the early 1970’s. The building was in a terrible state of disrepair. Water leaked through the ceiling into the once grand ball room. The gorgeous hand painted ceilings had been painted and plastered over. The building was an eyesore to the community. But, the society, with hard work, dedication, sweat and much manual labor, their persistence paid off. The Mansion is now on the National Register of Historic Sites, and again is the pride of our Valley’s past.

The Ezra Meeker Historical Society receives NO state or federal support. It is their fund raisers, admission, and mostly hard work that preserves this landmark.

Hops Market

In 1865, Mr. Meeker, with father and his brother, planted a few rows of hops and started an industry that soon was to affect the entire commercial world, bringing millions of dollars into the area of Puyallup Valley as well as the NW. During the next 30 years, he cornered the hop market of the world, accumulated a very large fortune, and became a merchant, then a bank president and promotor of the NW, lecturer and proponent of railroads and roads. (Read more about Puyallup’s hop industry)

Historic Society Formed

The “Ezra Meeker Historic Society” was established in 1970 to protect one of the town’s momentous historic places, Meeker Mansion. They then changed the name to The “Puyallup Historical Society at Meeker Mansion” and now are a non-profit organizationthat operates and restores both the home and the grounds.

Tours of the Mansion

There are tours at the Mansion, both guided and self-guided as well as educational tours for students. During the year, the Mansion can be rented for various parties as well as community events and weddings.

This Mansion is a must see attraction, when visiting in this area of Washington.

Historic Landmark Place Meeker Mansion
Historic Landmark Place Meeker Mansion. Washington State.
Farmers Market, Puyallup

Puyallup Farmers Market

Puyallup Farmers Market

The Puyallup Farmers Market is one of the best places to get fresh organic vegetables.

If you like fresh organic grown vegetables and fruit then you need to check out the Puyallup Farmers Market which is another attraction that you just can’t miss. I usually go for the food, however, they have crafts and music as well. You’ll find the Farmers Market right in Pioneer Park. The same park where Ezra Meeker’s statue and cabin once stood.

2015 Season

The 2015 season starts in April and runs through mid-October – every Saturday from 9 am until 2 pm at the Pioneer Park and Pavilion. In the same area you’ll find the Puyallup Public Library and concert stage. If you want to sell your vegetables you will need to get a 2015 market application which can be found on the Become a Vendor page.

Sponsored by Sound Family Medicine

The present farmer’s market sponsor is Sound Family Medicine whose generosity helps to make this event possible.

Something new

This year a midweek market is being opened. The Puyallup Main Street Association or PMSA is going to launch a Sunset Market on Wednesday evening’s downtown beginning on May 29th with the market hours being 3 pm to 7 pm.


Shawn Edwards who is the PMSA coordinator for the farmers’ market said that this market will have a very different feel to it than the market on Saturdays and they are hoping families will make an evening of it. Families will be able to walk around, grab a bite to eat, do the shopping and then sit on the lawn and enjoy some music.

The Sunset Market will not be as large as Saturday market, with a cap of only 60 vendor booths being available. The focus on this evening market will be on the fresh produce and food with less on arts and crafters. Another change will be that the Sunset Market will be completely outside, not in the Pioneer Park Pavilion. If you are worried about the weather, the market’s frame of time from the end of May through August captures the best summer evenings of the year.  Dogs are welcome on a leash of course.

Make a family event

Anyone who lives near the Puyallup downtown area knows that the downtown corridor is extremely busy with train services and commuters at this time of day and these are the people they are hoping to capture the interest of while making their way home.

They have asked that you ‘like’ the PMSA Sunset Market on Facebook and come for all the downtown fun on Wednesdays beginning on the 29th of May and running through the 28th Aug. this first summer.

Federal Food Assistance benefits

While farmers markets are everywhere and are known for the seasonality, freshness and high quality of the food brought by the farmers there is a segment of our community that do not know about these activities so more and more markets are trying to ensure that this tasty and healthy food is available to everyone regardless of income.

The WSFMA (Washington State Farmers Market Association) is currently working with markets across the state to help expand farmers’ and markets’ abilities to sell food to low income shoppers by letting them use their federal food assistance benefits. Often those who have the most need for fresh products are the very ones who can less afford it.


Operating a farmers market is one tough job in America and it requires multitude of skills that don’t come naturally to all people and little education is available to get the training that is needed. Being a member of the WSFMA can help as they strive to provide many valuable resources to help its Member Markets. Many of these tools are on their website and can be very valuable.

Downtown, Education, Puyallup

Karshner Museum

Having tragically lost a son, Dr. and Mrs. Warner M. Karshner founded the museum in 1930 as a tribute to their son, Paul H. Karshner, who was at the time, about to start his senior year at Puyallup High School. Over years of collecting pieces for the museum, in 1935 the Karshner family donated the collection to the Puyallup School District. The museum remains close to its school district roots, not only sharing Stewart Elementary “campus,” but also by integrating part of it’s collection with the curriculum of the district. What better way to learn about the NW Indians but to visit “your own” district museum? The Karshner Museum is a terrific resource for every student in the district, and every family in the region.

The museum includes collections of fossils, rocks and minerals, wildlife, sea life, microscopic slides, artifacts by North American Indians and fro the South Pacific, Alaska, South Africa, Nigeria, India, Philippines, Japan, China, Mexico, and South America. Students view and study the collections in ever changing exhibits, many of which invite the children to touch. In addition there is a fine museum library of rare books and magazines, maps, documents, photographs and original manuscripts.

The collection of more than ten thousand artifacts donated by the Karshner’s has been added to over the years by members of the community who have identified with the museum and donated their own collections, artifacts, and specimens.

Some highlights: an oil lamp from 300BC., a stone point used 30,000 years ago, a Northwest Costal Indian basket display, artifacts from our earliest Pioneers, or walk into classroom set up to appear as it was 100 years ago. There is so much to see in so small a space, so check back often, as only about 20 percent of the collection is on display at any one time.

Not only is this museum excellent, but so to is their website. Or, make sure to bring your family to one of the open houses during the first Saturday’s of the month, where your family can explore the museums wonderful collection.

Karshner Museum Puyallup Photo
Karshner Museum

In the Words of the Karshner Family:

“The aim of this memorial school is to improve a serious local defect so commonly found in the public schools of our state. Book knowledge becomes valuable only to the extent that it can be visualized and thoroughly understood. As historical and scientific exhibits and demonstrations help to satisfy this pedagogical need, we feel that a teaching museum should find a place in every school. This small offering although consisting of several thousand specimens, manifestly is very incomplete. It can but serve, therefore, as a stimulus to scientific study and provide a nucleus for future additions. It is our wish that the specimens be preserved intact and undisturbed, else they become disarranged and broken. Further specimens, added from time to time, should be promptly classified and cataloged. We hope that this collection will continue to serve and grow, so that the Puyallup schools may ever prove a leader in education.”

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Puyallup Outdoor Gallery by Dan Klennert

Dan Klennert Puyallup Sculpture Artists

Dan Klennert has spent much of his time fishing as a child and as an adult. While he worked as a fishing guide throughout the rivers of the northwest, fly-fishing became one of his favorite sports. This sculpture is Dan’s vision of a fish jumping up through the waster to lunch on a dragonfly.

Catch of the Day
Dan Klennert
@ the Puyallup Fire Station

Downtown, Puyallup

Puyallup Library 2002 Construction

Old Puyallup Library 2002

Address: 324 South Meridian, on the south end of Pioneer Park.

Hours: 10am to 8pm Monday through Thursday
10am to 6pm Friday
10am to 4pm Saturday.
The Library is closed on Sunday

Our New Library Opens August 30th, 2002!
*See photo’s of the new Library Construction from the air! below*

Photo’s from the Ground….
The Library phone number is 841-5454 and their fax is 841-5483

Story Hours:
This is a terrific way for your child to experience a book, sitting amongst peers sharing a journey through the words spoken by the librarian. The smell of old books in the air, wide eyed children listen to the words, while others struggle to remain quiet. It’s a great experience.
Stories, songs, finger plays and crafts.

1½ to 3 years – 10am
3½ to 5 years – 11am
*registration for story hour is required*

Yes, the library would love you to volunteer. You might find yourself re-shelving some books, and find that perfect book to read on a rainy weekend. Give the library a call, they would love your help. # is 841-5454.

Puyallup Library construction 2002













Downtown, Education, Puyallup

Foothills Trail

The foothills trail winds a path along the Puyallup river, from behind Kmart to the bridge on 5th St. N.E. Eventually, with more funding, the trail will run the entire length, from Puyallup to Buckley. Included will be a branch from Lower Cascade Junction to Wilkenson and to Carbonado.

Where the Burlington Northern train once moved coal and lumber, now is paved and used by hundreds of runners, walkers, horses, bicyclists, and roller-bladers. There are open grass areas, and picnic tables where a home made meal tastes perfect in the fresh air and summer sun. Or, if you simply need a break from a brisk walk, benches with views of the Puyallup river can be found along the pathway. A perfect setting where family’s often stroll in the summer sun, stopping to talk to neighbors and old friends. Children use the path to walk home from school, couples walk hand, bird watchers scout the banks for glimpses of a majestic bald eagle, fishermen try for one that didn’t get away, and everyone enjoys the gorgeous views of Mt. Rainer and the Puyallup River.

The section of trail through Orting is one of the more scenic trails I have ridden. Traveling (or walking) east from the parking area between Mc Millen and Orting, you have a full, unobstructed view of Mt. Rainer in all its beautiful glory. New housing developments blend with open farmland. Riding the trail during the summer weekends affords special treats, like the small community festivals Orting holds throughout the summer.

To traverse the trail at different times of the year is to see an up close view of the seasons, and the changes those seasons bring. Where corn grows high in a field during the hot summer heat, cows stroll with there young in the early spring. The late summer floods of the Puyallup River are contrasted by the mid summer fishermen standing on the sand bars in which dominate during the mid summer months. In autumn migratory birds pass overhead on their route to warmer climates, while others decide the towering trees above the river are a perfect place to raise their little bird families. No matter the time of year, there is always much beauty to see and experience.

Some history of the trail. Much of the land was acquired from the Burlington Northern Railway’s abandonment of their rail bed in 1982. Other land was purchased through grants and federal matching funds. It has been a long, difficult process for the visionaries behind this project. The founder recognized the need for a trail system in Puyallup, and seen the wonderful potential for a path along the banks of the Puyallup river. Through painstaking work, the Coalition was able to acquire sections of land, piece by piece, permit by permit, in hopes of creating this trail.

Sadly, the project is currently delayed because of those same salmon. The protection of salmon has stopped further expansion of the trail, as the county worries about is potential impact on salmon spanning. Currently, the Salmon Recovery Act has mandated biological assessments concerning the impact of expanding the Puyallup and the South Prairie Foothills Trail segments, which has delayed their expansion. The South Prairie section has been granted preliminary approval from National Marine Fisheries, but the full biological assessment process will not be complete until late summer or early fall! Perhaps we can again resume with trail expansion by early 2001, depending on their findings.

The northern end of the current trail, from Mc Millen to Sumner has it’s own unique set of problems which have slowed expansion. Under Federal Law, while these tracks (and their required easement) were granted to Burlington Northern Railroad, the railroad can in turn either lease the tracks to another company, or allow an entity to purchase the easement for use as a public thoroughfare. Fortunately, both the railroad, and the current holder of the lease on this section of the tracks have come to an agreement, the trail will soon be extended to the current location of the VanLierop farm near East Pioneer. Additionally, local farmers insist their business will suffer from the trail expansion, or they may suffer lawsuits over trail users inhaling the chemicals used in treating their crops. (?). Regardless, the trail will be extended, and thousands of users will soon enjoy the expansion for walking, biking, rollerblading, and enjoying the beauty of the valley.

The Foothills Rails-To-Trails Coalition does need our help in completing this wonderful trail. Along with the trail, the Foothills Rails-to-Trails Coalition is hopeful that, along with the city of Puyallup, other land currently available can be purchased for an additional city park, with facilities for a Tiny Tot playground, and additional riverfront grass open area for all to enjoy. It is an obtainable goal, but only with your help. With a monetary donation, a call to your legislator or the city of Puyallup, or an appearance at a city council meeting, we can get the funds for that park, playground, and parking lot. Let’s make this happen!

Any donation, and all your help are greatly appreciated.