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Central School in Puyallup (History)

Central School class photo in Puyallup

Students at Central School in Puyallup posed for this photo in about 1888. Today’s public school enrollment in grades from kindergarten through high school tops 22,250.

Fort Maloney served as our city’s first school at what is now Grayland Park. No longer able to accommodate a growing student population, in a building not originally intended to house a school, townspeople decided it was time for a new school to be built. It would be located where the present day Karshner Museum is located. Although larger than the room they shared in the Fort, accommodations were sparse. Logs served as chairs, students had no desks, and with no ceiling, the precious warmth remained high in the rafters. To help remedy this situation, and interesting proposal came about. One of the townspeople owned a flag that had once proudly flown over Fort Steilacoom. The flag was huge, large enough to easily cover the open rafters in the schoolhouse. So large, in fact, that it had to be partially folded to fit in the accommodating space. This school, dubbed the “Green School” because it was entirely coated in green paint, served the city from 1873 until 1886.

However, by 1884, it was apparent that the Green School was becoming to small to serve the growing community. Even with many additions, such as desks and large windows, the building was becoming increasingly inadequate. A new school was proposed, but taxpayers rejected the idea of building the planned $10,000 school. By 1885, a new plan was proposed, cutting the costs to $3,000. With a winning bid of $3,035, construction finally began. By summer 1886, the three-story school was nearly complete. All that was left was to place a 475lb. school bell at the top of the beautiful new building. When classes began in October 1886 enrollment stood at 140 students.

What happened to Central School? Unfortunately, in 1928 the building was destroyed by fire… But, the foundation of the original Central School was not destroyed. It was built upon and used as the original Stewart Elementary, and today that building serves as the Karshner Museum.

Old Central School Puyallup Washington

Puyallup's Central School old class photo

Downtown, Education, Puyallup

Amazing Pictures of Puyallup’s History

We found these amazing pictures of Puyallup’s history. You must see them and share with your friends. Oh how times have changed in Puyallup downtown. What do you think?

Clearing trees in Downtown Puyallup.  1889
Clearing trees in Downtown Puyallup. 1889
Downtown Puyallup in 1883
Downtown Puyallup in 1883. Town Shops.
This view of Puyallup, taken from Central School's tower.
This view of Puyallup, taken from Central School’s tower.
Puyallup's Train Station.  1888
Puyallup’s Train Station. 1888
Downtown Puyallup 1890
Puyallup in 1890, Meridian St. looking South. Photo from Beta Womens Club Collection, Puyallup Public Library.
Downtown, Puyallup

Grayland Park and the Memorial Community Center

War Memorial Community Center in Puyallup

The Teen events held at this center exemplify the fact that there are many, many great teens in our world. All are welcome and everybody will have a great time. Events in the center harkens back to the days of the grange hall dances, big community events that somehow bring everyone together to socialize, meet new friends, and try out some new dance steps; just as we did as kids.

The story of Grayland Park and the Memorial Community Center:

In 1856, a militia of 17 men returned to the Puyallup river valley after the end of the Indian Wars. At the present day location of Grayland Park and the Memorial Center, on what was then the North Bend of the Puyallup River, they built a blockhouse, Fort Maloney, for protection from future Indian attacks.

After the Indian attacks stopped, Mr. and Mrs. John Carson operated a ferry crossing at this site for many years, and used the fort as their residence. In 1861, Fort Maloney became Puyallup’s first school, with Mrs. Emma Carson serving as its first teacher. The school had six students during its first year (2 of which were Mrs. Carson’s). At a starting salary of $50 per year, the city could not afford to pay her wage in full. Instead, they negotiated with Mrs. Carson to pay her wage over a 3 year period.

The depression forming Grayland Park is the remnants of the former Puyallup River bed left after the river was re-channeled in the early 1880’s. In fact, before the river was “moved,” the bend in the river actually created an island in the middle of today’s Grayland Park. The island was popular with picnickers, who walked over a footbridge on the northeast side of the park onto the island. But, the area often flooded, so in the early 1880’s, J.P. Stewart paid a contractor $300 to have 25 Chinese laborers dig a new river channel bypassing the bend that is now Grayland Park. Beginning in 1909, the Army Corps of Engineers began dredging the Puyallup River and straightening out is curves. In the 1930’s, the Public Works Administration and the Civilian Conservation Corps began building the concrete levies that line the Puyallup River today.

During the 1920’s, Grayland Park was a “tourist camp.” It was very popular with tourists who would spend the night on their way to and from Mt. Rainier National Park. Amenities included a community Kitchen, hot and cold showers, and modern toilets. The park was named after S.R. Grey, Puyallup’s mayor from 1921 to 1932.

The war memorial was built as a tribute to the Puyallup servicemen who gave their lives for the country during WWII. To raise the funds, the entire Puyallup community was asked to stay home in mid-July 1948 between 7 and 10pm as canvassers went house to house gathering contributions. More than $19,000 was collected.

The end result was the construction of the city of Puyallup Memorial Community Center, which opened in May 1950.

The park is named after Steven R. Gray. He was the a very well respected contractor in Puyallup during the early 1900’s, constructing many of Puyallup’s finest buildings of the time. He also served as Puyallup’s mayor from 1921 thru 1932. Well respected in the community, he contributed much to our architecture, and our government. Additionally, he was a member of the planning committee planning the War Memorial Building, and donated his services to supervise the building the Memorial Building on the site which was to become the park named in his honor.

Downtown, Puyallup

Good Samaritan Hospital – History

MultiCare Good Samaritan Hospital in Puyallup

The Good Samaritan Hospital was a 225-bed acute care facility with an active staff of 250 physicians. Supplementing the staff are more than 800 volunteers who annually donate more than 50,000 hours of time to enhance patient care. The hospital changed it’s name to MultiCare Good Samaritan Hospital, however, it is still located in the same location in Puyallup. The building was also re-vamped during this process.

Do you want to learn a tiny bit about the History of Good Samaritan Hospital? Here is a very abbreviated history for your enjoyment…

As early as 1906, Ezra Meeker had put his “Meeker Mansion” up for sale after the loss of his hop fortune. It was also during this time Ezra’s wife’s Alzheimer’s disease progressed to the point she moved to Seattle to live with her daughter. And to know anything about today’s current hospital, we need to know a little about the communities first hospital. In 1910 the Meeker house was leased to the Bair brothers to be used as a Sanitarium. The first hospital in Puyallup was apart of the Meeker Rest Sanitarium. Opened in 1910, the Sanitarium was located in the Meeker mansion, during a time which it stood empty. After about a year, the Hospital/Sanitarium was deemed financially unsuccessful, and a new Administrator was appointed. Patient care improved, but it still could not compete with Tacoma hospitals. By 1915, the Mansion was sold, further adding to the need for a modern hospital for the growing city.

It was that same year the Ladies of the Grand Army of the Republic turned the mansion into a home for surviving widows of Union soldiers of the Civil War.

Finally, in 1922 five area doctors (Raymond Morse, F.F. Cullen, W. Karshner, S.D. Barry, and C.H. Alyen) opened the Puyallup Clinic, a community hospital they build with their own money. The building is still standing in the 100 block of 4th Ave. NW. In 1935, the Clinic was renamed Puyallup General Hospital. However, it was still a financial failure. So, in 1951, the Lutheran Welfare Society took over management of operation, and again changed its name to the now familiar Good Samaritan Hospital.

The Lutheran Welfare Society, at this same time, also owned a financially floundering hospital on the property today’s hospital stands. Because care was limited in scope to Diseases of Old age, along with psychotherapy, this limited patient care was threatening the financial heath of the hospital. But now, with their downtown hospital filled to capacity, the decision was made to consolidate both facilities on its current site. Now, residents had one location for both their health and mental health needs.

Whether your delivering books to a patient, or playing with a baby with a broken arm, your smile will make it a better day to those who you help. Good Sam is the regions premier hospital, but always is on the lookout for warm and caring volunteers to make the patients stay’s at the hospital the best it can be.

Departments and Descriptions – call directly to see if any of these departments are still available. (253) 697-4000

Diagnostic Services

Good Samaritan’s Lab is a full service laboratory, including hematology, chemistry, microbiology, a blood band and pathology. The Lab is staffed 24-hours a day to serve inpatients, outpatients and physician office needs.

Nuclear Medicine
Using pharmaceuticals with radioactive isotopes attached and gamma cameras, diagnostic procedures such a s bone scans and cardiac studies are performed by technologists under the supervision of a physician who is a specialist in nuclear medicine.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

State-of-the-art MRI magnet and imaging unit.

Diagnostic X-ray, CT scans and Ultrasound procedures are carried out by technologists under the supervision of a physician who is also a specialist in radiology.

Vascular Testing
Vascular testing is usually used for peripheral vascular disease, abnormal spastic changes in fingers toes, and other related conditions.

Treatment Services

Fully staffed by board-certified emergency physicians and nursing personnel, the Emergency Department provides acute care, cardiac, and trauma services to more than 40,000 patients each year. A telephone consulting nurse is available 24 hours a day.

The hospital’s Surgical Department has a skilled professional and technical staff plus highly sophisticated technology, including several surgical lasers. This department includes Outpatient Surgery, which allows patients to return home only two to four hours after a procedure.

Respiratory Therapy
Respiratory Therapy professionals provide care and education 24 hours each day to patients with breathing difficulties or disorders. Special services are also available for lung function studies, neurology studies, sleep studies, asthma education and pulmonary rehabilitation.

Cancer patients have access to a full range of options, from diagnosis through treatment, with both impatient and outpatient services. Our 23-bed unit is staffed with specially trained nurses and caters to the unique needs of cancer patients and their families. Patients are also offered complementary therapies – music, pet and massage – to aid in their healing.

Medical Psychology
Medical Psychology helps patients use their mental abilities to cope with the stresses of their conditions, control their pain with fewer medications, and make their treatment program effective.

Obstetrical Care
This unit provides private birthing rooms, 24-hour rooming-in, a nursery capable of caring for all but the most critical of newborns, and a full range of classes to support the birth process, including prepared childbirth, breast feeding, a returning-to-work class for breast-feeding mothers, and sibling preparedness. Lactation consultants are also available, and there is telephone follow-up with patients following discharge. Baby Beepers are also offered. To register for classes call directly to see if it’s still available at (253) 697-4000

Critical Care Center

Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
ICU provides nursing care to patients needing maximum medical attention. Staff members are skilled in the use of advanced cardiac life support.

Special Care Unit (SCU)
SCU provides nursing care for seriously ill patients who require more monitoring than can be provided in an acute-care unit.

Cardio-Pulmonary Rehabilitation
Cardiac rehab services are designed to help people with heart disease recover faster and return to productive lives. The program helps people with asthma, chronic obstructive disease, emphysema and chronic bronchitis return to their fullest potential.

Health Rehabilitation Center
Rehabilitation services are available to persons of all ages in a variety of settings, including the hospital, clinics, home or community, depending on specific medical and clinical needs, treatment goals, available family support and resources.

Impatient Rehabilitation
Impatient Rehabilitation services are provided to people who require a high level of medical care, or 24-hour rehabilitation nursing and specialized therapies. the program is managed by a physiatrist. Other members of the rehab team can include rehab nursing/care coordination, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech/language pathology, clinical psychology, neuropsychology, social work, case management and therapeutic recreation.

Outpatient Rehabilitation
Outpatient Rehabilitation services are provided when the constant medical and nursing attention offered in the impatient setting are no longer required but the patient still needs therapies and/or outpatient nursing checks. Specialty services include vesicular rehabilitation, specialty clinics for seating, spinal cord injury treatment, amputation or contingency, disabled driving evaluation, hand therapy and bio-feedback. While most outpatient rehabilitation services are designed to assist with resolving recent medical concerns, we also work with people facing longer term rehab challenges and needing reassessment or re-evaluation to develop new or improved treatment plans.

Inpatient Pediatric Rehabilitation
A dedicated pediatric rehab team is trained to assess, treat and instruct children under age 19 and their families challenged by functional disabilities caused by accidents, illnesses or congenital problems.

Work Rehabilitation
Work Rehab offers therapy specifically designed to get injured workers safely back to work. A variety of rehab specialists evaluate and re-train people in new ways of doing their jobs and applying new work-related skills. Services include performance-based physical capacities evaluations, work conditioning and/or hardening, job specific testing and job analysis, evaluations of job-site and/or workplace modifications, injury prevention, education and consulting.

Good Samaritan School
Child and Family Services also operates a therapeutic school for adolescents with emotional and behavioral problems. 848-4045

Other Adult Services
This program addresses unique needs of older adults and the families who care for them. It provides individual assessment, counseling sessions, geriatric day treatment, psychiatric services, geriatric residential services, in-home behavioral health care, volunteer peer counseling and consultation and direct services in area nursing homes.

Adult Services
Adult specialists assist with personal, family and work-related problems, such as depression, stress, anxiety and other life-adjustment issues. Support services are also provided to adults experiencing significant limitations due to mental illness.

Crisis Services
The 24-hour crisis please call them directory at (253) 697-4000

Child and Family Services
Child and Family programs are designed to meet the unique needs of children exhibiting mood, behavior or adjustment problems.

Children’s Therapy Unit (CTU)
A regional center providing evaluations and therapy for children with nerve and muscle disorders, birth defects and/or developmental disabilities. CTU staff provides specialized services such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech/language therapy, clinical and neuro-psychology, assistive technology and orthotic intervention. Established in 1966, the Children’s Therapy Unit was the state’s first hospital-based therapy program exclusively for children with neuromuscular disabilities.

Center for Independence
Helping severely disabled people achieve more independence in their daily lives.

Good Samaritan In-Home Services

Home Health/Hospice and HomeCare
Providing consistently high-quality, in-home heath care to adults and children since 1972. Our Home Health program helps return patients to their prior level of functioning before surgery or illness. We also provide in-home behavioral health care services.

Hospice care is for terminally ill patients wishing to remain at home. Medical care is provided as well as a respite for the family and bereavement follow-up.

HomeCare provides trained staff members to care at home for clients of any age. This can include in-home respite for the caregiver, personal care to an elderly client or continuous skilled care. Sleep-over care is also available.

Community Living Services
Offering a variety of residential option to young adults and older adults. These services range from structured programs with 24-hours supervision to independent living. The continuum of services includes congregate care facilities, intensive supported living services, short-term crisis respite beds, shared independent living houses and subsidized supported living apartments.

In-Home Respite
Periodic or daily respite care for non-housebound clients.

Teen Parent Resource Center
This program provides teenage parents with the help they need for every aspect of pregnancy and coping with a baby and parenthood. A wide range of classes, support groups, and many things necessary to help out the young parent are available.

Providing nutrition, health information and vouchers for nutritious food to pregnant women, breast-feeding women, infants and young children.

(Encouraging Relationships In The Community And Home)
Provides access to the community for people with developmental disabilities. Staff members take clients to local stores and accompany them on social outing to help them build relationships with others.

Mobile Health Services
Offers health-promotion and disease-prevention activities by providing health screening, child and adult immunizations, and health education at schools, senior citizen centers and businesses.

Senior Wellness Project
Offers regular classes, programs and seminars especially for seniors.

Family Support Center
Provides family-based advocacy, health and education services. Also includes parenting education, nutrition services, family support services, immunization services and information and referral.

ElderCare Family Services
This program provides a variety of services to older adults and their families to help them comp with normal and disease-related functional disabilities. Telephone information and referral services connect families to services in the community and at the Hospital. Nursing and social work staff members provide in-home assessment and help families find the care they need, deal with difficult decisions and understand care options. Other services include support groups, Lifeline emergency response, and Alzheimer’s and caregiver library, overnight respite services and classes on caring for aging parents and dementia.

Celebrate Seniority
This senior member program helps older adults stay health by providing access to services, health education classes, healthy activities, and senior-specific educational materials.

Community Education
Good Samaritan regularly provides a wealth of information regarding health care, disease-prevention, nutrition and wellness through its Community Education Classes.

Healthcare Resource Center
Combines into one, a convenient facility the Hospital’s multiple clinics that provide educational resources, support and chronic-condition management. The center, located at 1420 S. Meridian St. houses the

•Asthma Management Clinic
•Anti-Coagulation Clinic
•Diabetes Education Center
•Heart Failure Clinic
•Nutrition Clinic
•Pediatric Endocrinologist Clinic

Patients enter the Healthcare Resource Center programs through a physician’s referral.

Urgent Care Center
The center provides walk-in services and care for patients when those services are not available at their doctors office.

Health Consultant/Physician Referral
This service features symptom-based telephone triage, physician referral, resource coordination and health information provided by consulting nurses.

Speakers’ Bureau
Experts from Good Samaritan Community Healthcare are available to speak about a wide range of health care topics at churches, schools, businesses and community groups.

Please note: This information is to used as a historic archive for information. Please call the hospital directly for any questions. This information above may or may not have changed. (253) 697-4000.

Address: 401 15th Ave SE, Puyallup, WA 98372

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Downtown, Puyallup

Ezra Meeker History & Photos

Ezra Meeker History

Ezra Meeker, was born December 29, 1830 in Huntsville, Ohio, the son of Jacob Meeker and Phoebe Meeker. By the time he was 10 years old, the Meeker family had moved to Indiana, near Indianapolis. Even at this young age, Ezra Meeker had a pioneering spirit, insisting he walk and explore; he walked nearly every step to Indiana.

In 1851, he married his childhood sweetheart, Eliza Jane Sumner, and together they headed out west in search of land. After a bitter winter in Iowa, they joined the Oregon trail immigration, finally arriving in Kalama on the Columbia River. In 1853 they moved to McNeill Island, then again to Tacoma. After an unsuccessful mercantile venture in Steilacoom, Ezra moved his family to Puyallup in 1862. Until now, he had ignored the valley, preferring to live in other parts of the Puget Sound. In the 1860’s many settlers ignored the valley because the extremely dense vegetation and forest made land very difficult to clear. Soon however, the fertile soil underneath this thick vegetation was discovered for its ability to grow healthy and abundant crops, and settlers began the back breaking work of clearing small plots of land. It wasn’t until Meeker began to see the potential of reaping great profit from the land that he chose to settle in Puyallup. In fact, at first, Meeker only cleared the land immediately around his cabin, and in that narrow path, amongst the un-cleared stumps that still remained is where Ezra planted the first Hops in the valley.

Ezra Meeker was actually about 20 years behind the first valley settlers, and was not a founding father as many today believe. In part, it was a serious lack of money that finally convinced him to come to the valley. Ezra had very little money. For a coat, it was said he used a blanket with a hole cut in it for his head. He and his family lived in a tiny cabin (on site of our current Puyallup Library & Farmers Market – which Eliza helped to start) for the next 26 years (until his Mansion would be built). During this time, his only source of income was helping other landowners clear their land. That was until his Hop crops began to make Ezra Meeker and other land holders very rich – at least for a while…

A brief History of Meeker Days

Ezra Meeker Day’s began in 1939 when a group of civic leaders formed the event to promote the life and spirit of Pioneers as exemplified in the life of our community founder, Ezra Meeker.

The Day’s of Ezra Meeker, as it was called at the time, was cancelled for the years during WWII. In 1946 the celebration was revived, but then marred by tragedy. A popular event during the celebration was a Cops and Robbers type play, featuring the Kangaroo Kourt and Keystone Kops. During the performance of the play, a community member perished in a fall from a roof while attempting to “escape” the Keystone Kops. The event continued another two years, but finally cancelled as this tragedy weighed heavy in the minds of the community.

However, nearly 20 years later, the Puyallup Boosters and Puyallup Jaycees revived the event as a summer promotion. In 1978, the name was changed to the current Ezra Meeker Days, continuing the tradition of honoring the Pioneer spirit which gave root to our Puyallup community.

Ezra Meeker Statue
Ezra Meeker statue located in Puyallup, Washington Downtown.
Ezra's wagon
In 1852, Ezra Meeker and his family came west by wagon over the Oregon Trail, eventually settling in the Puyallup Valley. As the years passed and cross-country travel became easier, Meeker worried that people wouldn’t understand the hardships of the early settlers. Beginning at the age of 75, he made several trips across the Oregon Trail and urged its preservation. He supported his project by selling his books and photos.
Ezra Meeker's Oxen Dandy and Dave
Believe it or not, Meeker’s Oxen, Dandy and Dave were “preserved” by a taxidermist and are on display at the Washington State Historical Museum in Tacoma, Washington
Ezra Meeker Wagon Display
Also on display is one of Ezra’s Wagons used on at least one cross country trek. Carvings in the wood and writings on the covering canvas mark dates and locations along his journeys.


Downtown, Puyallup

The Hop Industry in the Puyallup Valley

Puyallup Valley Hop Industry

Growing hops was important to the development of Puyallup. Pioneer Ezra Meeker was known as the hops king of the World when this photo was taken about 1890. The hops boom went bust in 1891.

A brief History….

When settlers first began arriving in the valley in 1854 they found the valley floor consisted of dense strands of cedar and cottonwood trees, with often dense brush that was very difficult to remove with the tools available to them. Many of the first settlers continued to search for land elsewhere, unaware of the rich soil that lay beneath the brush. Ezra Meeker and his brother were among the first to arrive. After inspecting the valley, he at first rejected any notion of living in the valley, writing that it would take back breaking labor to clear the land.

As settlement in the valley started to take hold, settlers did work hard to clear enough land for a cabin, and to grow some food to sustain their families. Then, in 1855, Indians in the valley became increasingly dissatisfied with treaties being forced upon them by the U.S. government. They destroyed all but one of the settlers homes. Many settlers did not return to the valley. The settlers that remained were in dire financial need. The Meeker’s had suffered the greatest. Not only was property destroyed in the valley, but their mercantile business in Steilacoom had failed too because merchandise ordered – sank in a shipwreck on its transport to Washington. The money to buy the supplies had been borrowed, leaving the Meeker’s in desperate financial need.

At that time, another Meeker relative had been persuaded by a friend in Olympia to attempt to grow hops on his land, a thought that seemed crazy to most residents. On his way back to Sumner, he stopped off at Ezra’s cabin to drop off the hop roots. Ezra planted the roots among the tree stumps around his cabin, on the land that is now Pioneer Park in downtown Puyallup. From those few roots, Ezra Meeker made $157.27. In the 1800’s, that was like striking gold. The word about the “crop” spread quickly, and soon every farmer in the valley planted the Hop roots.

Hops quickly become Puyallup Valley’s biggest cash crop. During the next quarter century, hops brought the valley more than $20 million, making Ezra and his family wealthy.

Ezra became a hop broker, and frequently traveled the World marketing the valley’s hops. Disease and mildew finally put an end to the crops. Today we know the Puyallup valley for it’s daffodils, but it is the hops that started our history, and gave original valley residents the wealth, fortitude and persistence to stay in the valley and to shape our future.

Backup plan the Park Hotel in Puyallup:
The Grandiose Hotel that never was…One of the most talked about buildings in Puyallup in 1890 was the Park Hotel. The structure was to cover an entire block and would have been three stories high. It was to be built with an anticipated $40,000 from the booming hops industry. The construction of 83 luxurious suites, an adjoining restaurant, and the possibility of an additional 40 rooms, was well underway when the hop boom went bust. The hotel was never completed. After years of disrepair, the structure became “home” to unsavory individuals who used the building as a sort of flophouse. The amount of “guests” became larger, and the inhabitants began terrorizing the community for food and money. Finally, Washington States Governor came from Olympia and finally persuaded all to go home. For awhile afterwards, the building was used to store bailed hops, but the building had no other uses and went into further disrepair. Finally, a group of local citizens bought the building and property, and soon began to demolish the shell of a building that was to become Puyallup’s grandest, most beautiful building.

Downtown, Education, Puyallup

What’s with the name, Puyallup?

Puyallup name origin why

In short, the name came from an Indian phrase “pough,” which meant “add more,” and “allup,” which meant “the people.” The Indians who lived in Puyallup’s river area, he said, always gave more than needed or expected to other Indians who came to trade. They were a very generous people.

Our first settlers in the valley began to know the town as Meekersville, after Ezra Meeker, the one most considered the first to plat the land in the valley. Mr. Meeker wasn’t fond of the name, so when the first postmaster was asked by the government postal office the name of the town, he replied Franklin, named after the first postmasters (J.P. Stewart) hometown in New York. However, this name frustrated settlers who found that because Franklin was a common name for communities throughout the still forming United States, their mail often ended up in the various Franklin’s throughout the States. Once Washington became a state, Ezra Meeker was asked to supply a name for the town in which this land laid, he choose Puyallup as its name.

Why Puyallup? Ezra was determined to pick a name that no other town in the United States would have, or ever likely have in the future, so that citizens would be assured that any and all mail addressed to “Puyallup” would no doubt find its way to this distinctively named city.

In later years however, Ezra Meeker always questioned (and regretted) his decision, seeing the difficulty those from outside the region had in pronouncing the name or interpreting its spelling.


Finding good legal representation in Puyallup

Puyallup Lawyer in the area

No one is excited to hire an attorney. Usually, when people have to hire a local Puyallup attorney it is because something really bad has happened in their life and they are looking for an attorney they can trust and who will help provide them with the best legal advice possible. Finding the right lawyer for your issue can be problematic and can cause a lot of stress. People are already under enough stress having to deal with a legal issue that searching for the right attorney can be overwhelming. People that are facing legal battles just want the issue to be resolved as quickly as possible so sometimes they feel like they just don’t have time to do the proper research. Do not expect to find a good attorney by just Googling “divorce attorney” or “attorney in Puyallup”, there are certain steps that one must take to make sure that they get the best legal representation possible. Lawyers do so much more than dispense legal advice, they help to educate their clients about their legal issues and provide strategic advice on the best way to tackle the problem.

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There are certain terms you should probably know before hiring an attorney. Here are a few definitions that will help you before you hire an attorney.

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Flat Fees: A flat fee means that the lawyer charges one price for each consultation, or for an entire case, no matter how much time the case takes to get resolved. Be sure to shop around and ask other lawyers what their flat fees are to see if there is someone who offers a lower fee.

Hourly Rate: Lawyers often charge an agreed-upon hourly rate for their work, and the work of their assistants. The hourly rate applies to both consultations and all the work that is done on your case.

Court Costs: Be sure that you know whether you will owe anything in court costs for your legal issue. A good lawyer will be able to estimate court costs in a given situation, and whether or not you will be able to obtain court costs from an opposing party in a favorable settlement or judgment.

Filing Fees: Courts charge money for people to be able to file lawsuits and other court actions, like divorce and bankruptcy. Ask your lawyer to explain these fees before you sign a fee agreement and make sure to add these costs onto your legal bill.

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Some online service like can provide a directory of Puyallup attorneys as well as reviews for each attorney. Each attorney will have a profile that will provide all the information that you will need in order to find a good lawyer. You can search through the directory on by the area of law that they practice. You can search through different practices areas like Puyallup Family Law or Criminal or view lawyers by state. Make sure to carefully read each profile and each review to get a full background and understanding in the way that a particular attorney deals with clients and his or her cases.

Armed with information, the next step is to start reaching out to attorneys in your city who practice the area of law that your issue falls under. Some attorneys provide a free consultation for potential clients. Call and speak to their office to see if they provide a free consultation. Also, find out what types of payment they accept and what make sure to ask what their minimum rate is per hour. This will give you a general idea of what each attorney will charge for your case. Some attorneys offer payment plans in order to help ease the pain of the costs associated with a legal bill. If the attorney does provide a free consultation, make sure to use that time to take notes and to be very forthcoming with all aspects of your legal problem. You should schedule an appointment and discuss your situation. It’s also a good time to get a good feel for him/her and make sure you’re both a good match. Be upfront and honest about your legal issue. Use your best judgment and gut instinct to determine whether the attorney will be a good fit for you and your problem. You can also look online and see what reviews are available from previous customers.

Looking for an attorney can be a daunting and stressful process. Arming yourself with facts and information is the best way to ensure that you will find an attorney that will be best fit for you and your legal issue. It will take some time, taking the time to research different attorney’s will help benefit you and your case in the long run. It is important to do both word of mouth and Internet research to help you get your case resolved as quickly as possible by finding the right attorney for you.

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Warner Melvin Karshner Biography (Karshner Museum)

Dr. Warner Karshner Puyallup

Warner Melvin Karshner was born in December of 1874 on his father’s farm in Ohio. After a brief move with his family to Kansas, his restless father was unhappy with the weather of the Midwest and very quickly decided to move to the new territory of the Pacific Northwest. Soon after arriving in the Puyallup Valley, Warner’s father purchased a 3-acre farm in the N.W. corner of Puyallup. Warner quickly embraced his new town, loving his surroundings and the opportunities for work in the Valley. Picking berries and hops for area farmers was one of his first jobs, but he also was a janitor at the Central School, and was a sexton of the First Methodist Church where he rang the bell for services and stoked the furnace. But despite these opportunities, Warmer’s father wanted nothing more to do with civilization. He sold their farm to John R. Rogers (future governor of Washington and namesake of Rogers High School). The family moved to the Olympic Peninsula where the family filed a new homestead claim.

Despite his fathers desire to live a life on a farm without influences of civilization, his parents truly valued education and had a great desire for the best education for their children. So strong was this belief, it was decided that Warner, his 3 brothers, one sister, and his mother would move to Olympia where they could attend school during the winter. In the summer, all were needed on the farm, but this sacrifice was made during the winter where education could be the focus of family concern – and pride. Warner graduated from High School, then enrolled at the University of Washington. To save money, he and a friend lived in a shack they built on the university campus. During the summer months, he worked on a fishing boat to earn the money to pay his tuition. Incredibly, to save money, he would walk from Gray’s Harbor (where he fished) to Seattle each fall. In the Spring, he would then walk back to Gray’s Harbor.

After graduation in 1898, he returned to the Puyallup Valley to teach school. He primarily taught at Maplewood Elementary, although substituting at all Puyallup schools.

Karshner’s goal was not to be a teacher, however. He was saving his money to attend medical school. After saving enough for a years tuition, he enrolled in the Northwestern University Medical School near Chicago. there, during his last year of studies, he met Ella Hibbert and soon after, asked her to be his wife. After graduation, he returned to Puyallup to establish a medical practice and built a home on 4th St. S.W. and West Pioneer. With that done, he married his Ella on March 4, 1905. A few years later, their only child was born. Paul Hibbert Karshner became the centerpiece of his parents lives.

Dr. Karshner’s contributions to our city live on today in many ways, the most obvious being that of the Karshner Museum, and in the many lives he brought into the world with the over 2,000 babies he delivered in our community. For 25 years, Dr. Karshner had taken care of most all the health needs of Puyallup’s citizens, lovingly assisted by his wife Ella Hibbert Karshner, whom he married on May 14, 1905.

The early years of his practice were difficult. There were no health care facilities in the Valley, and few modern conveniences such as electricity, running water, and with only the basic medical equipment. Soon after he was appointed as Puyallup’s health officer in 1909, conditions quickly worsened as a case of Bubonic plague was discovered in Puyallup. U.S. Public Health officers visited Puyallup, ordering Dr. Karshner to clean up the city. This was a time in Puyallup’s history were many downtown buildings were in shambles from neglect and abandonment, where there was no sewer lines and no garbage removal systems in place. With Dr. Karshner’s insistence, several buildings were condemned and burned, and the City of Puyallup put in a sewer system and forced city residents to hook up to the sewer. With Dr. Karshner’s efforts, Puyallup became much cleaner, sanitary, and “modern” as a city. As a result, the plague was stopped. Incidences of typhoid fever also nearly vanished, a problem once prevalent in the growing city of Puyallup.

Even without modern facilities and patients lack of transportation, Dr. Karshner found ways to treat all his patients. This often included house visits, occasionally performing surgery on a patients kitchen table if needed. But always close to his heart was education. Before becoming a doctor in our city, he served for many years as a teacher in Puyallup before entering medical school. He also served for many years on the Puyallup School Board, and was elected to the Washington State legislature where he chaired the Education Committees.

In 1917, the same year he was elected to the State Senate, he entered the U.S. Army Medical Corps, serving as chief physician and surgeon of a military hospital in Georgia. He returned to Puyallup in 1919.

It was in 1924 that their only son, Hibbert Karshner, died of a polio epidemic in September of 1924. Paul was only 17 years of age, just beginning his senior year at Puyallup High School. In memory of their son, they established the Karshner Museum. The Karshner’s also established two scholarships at Puyallup High School in his memory. They continue to be awarded even today.

Shortly after his son’s death, Dr. Karshner decided to give up his practice in Puyallup and return to the University of Washington to seek another degree. He did in fact complete a Pathology Degree at Harvard University, returning to the UW to teach pathology the UW medical school.


Picking the right Puyallup Yoga Studio

Puyallup Yoga Studio

Yoga is a wonderful and calming way to get into shape. Whether you are coming to yoga to gain flexibility or strength, lose weight, or reduce stress, sometimes getting started can be intimidating. There seems to be a Puyallup yoga studio on every corner in most major cities that offer all different types of yoga. Yoga can seem intimidating to people because they feel like they are not flexible or strong enough however the practice of yoga is for everyone. Before getting into yoga, be honest about why you want to start practicing yoga in the first place. There are many different types of yoga practices and each have their own intentions and benefits. For example, there are Pre-Natal Yoga classes for pregnant women, Hatha yoga is a combination of body postures, breathing and mediation and is great for beginners, and Vinyasa is called yoga flow and is for people who are looking to sweat. These are a few examples of what a yoga studio can offer their members. Knowing why you want to start practicing yoga will help you to find the right studio and the right class for you.

According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrated Health, 9.5% of Americans are practicing Yoga (21 million people). This is a 2012 – number so I imagine it’s popularity has only increased.

When searching for the right studio, the best place to begin is just asking around. Talk with friends and family who practice yoga and see what their experiences have been with the studios they practice at. Word of mouth is always the best form of advertising. Ask where they go, if they have a teacher that they like, and what style of yoga they practice. Get their feedback and get informed. Once you have that information, do some of your own research on the Internet. Take time to research the different styles of yoga to see which style will benefit you the most. Find studios in your area and take a look at their websites to read testimonials, mission statements, and find out how many hours of training each teacher has under their belt.

Yoga Alliance is a non-profit registration organization for studio and teacher in the United States. This is a great place to start when researching information regarding teachers and studios. A registered yoga teacher has a designation of 200 or 500 hours training and an experienced yoga teacher has at least 1,000 hours of training. Some studios require their teachers to have experience and knowledge with anatomy. This can be very important when it comes to postures like a headstand. A teacher that understands how each body part and muscle works can make for a safe and sound practice.

After doing some research, it is time to visit the studios that match the criteria that you have laid out for your practice. Most studios will not let you sit in and observe the class but most studios welcome a potential member to stop by and ask questions. Even walking through the door can give you a general idea of how the studio is run and the atmosphere. Some studios play music during class and some use incense. You can also ask how big the class sizes are and whether it is more of a community orientated studio or a go in, practice and then go home type of studio. Some studios focus more on community and making friends and some studios prefer just to teach and then dismiss their students. Make sure to pick up a class schedule to see the times of the classes and if it will fit into your schedule. Get a price list as well. Most studios give discounts for students and possibly members of the military. Sometimes with some studios, the more classes you buy the cheaper it is per class. Yoga can be pricey and that is why it is important to make sure to gather all the facts before making the leap.

Some of the Puyallup yoga studios do offer an introductory class so potential members can get a real feel for how each studio and teachers run their classes. Like all gyms out there, there is a lot of variety when it comes to yoga studios. Try to sample as many studios and teachers as you can to get an understanding how the classes are run and whether it is something that you want to invest in. Some classes are more focused on meditation and some yoga classes are heated which for some people can be uncomfortable. Also, because yoga focuses on a mind and body connection, making a connection with the teacher in important. Look for a teacher that speaks to you and makes that critical connection. Yoga is about letting go and finding a teacher that makes you feel comfortable in that space and this will allow you to have a much more effective practice. The only way to really know is to give the class a test drive so make sure to sample different teachers and different styles.

Yoga is a beautiful and relaxing way to experience a different kind of workout. It doesn’t matter if you live in Puyallup or not. It’s great for everyone!. For people looking for an alternative to gyms and Crossfit, yoga is a great option that focuses on your mind and body as well as connecting with a community. Yoga studios are accepting of all people so don’t be afraid to head into a studio. Yoga can take years off your life, relieve back and neck pain, and help to reduce stress but it takes time and hard work. Don’t hesitate to get started, in the long run the work will pay off!


Puyallup Wedding Flowers (Top Mistakes)

Puyallup Wedding Flowers

Common wedding flower mistakes that are very avoidable

Top wedding florists around the country all agree on the most common mistakes that brides make when it comes to ordering their flowers for their wedding. There are certain issues that they deal with on daily basis that make it difficult sometimes for them to provide the best possible service for the bride. The florists want to make sure that they can do the best job possible and to provide the most beautiful arrangements for their customers. Here a few of the most common mistakes that brides make and are completely avoidable.

One thing that sometimes is hard for people to visual is the big picture. Puyallup Florists make a living visualizing the big picture when it comes to flowers at a wedding. Most couples have a tendency to focus on the centerpieces versus how flowers can transform the whole wedding venue. A venue with a gorgeous view does not need giant, tall centerpieces that might obstruct the view. Florists are great at seeing which type of flowers and what type of arrangements work best at different ceremony and reception sites. Trust the florist to help guide you to complete a lovely vision for the day of the wedding. Communicating likes and dislikes to the florist will help them create a big picture visual that will fit perfectly with the venue and the overall vision of the wedding.

According to, the average wedding cost $29,858 in 2014 with the florist & flowers being about $2,500 of the wedding budget.

Most brides wait until the last minute to book their florists. This can sometimes cause issues with the placement of order and making sure the florist can stock the flowers that the bride wants on her wedding day. Also, when the florist is booked last, the bride doesn’t budget the appropriate amount of money for her flowers. Flowers can transform a venue and they are not cheap. Brides should research a florist and find out an average cost for that vision. Call around to different vendors in the area to get their cost. Knowing all costs up front will help brides to budget appropriately to fulfill their dream for their flowers on their wedding day. Once a bride picks her, florist make sure to order sooner rather than later. Sometimes, flowers come from all over the world and take time to get shipped into the United States. Give a florist at least two months advance notice so they can make sure that everything arrives on time.

Florists aren’t wizards and can’t magically produce flowers that aren’t in season. Certain flowers like peonies are only available during a short period of time. It is better to communicate to the florist the overall look, feel and color scheme of the flowers that are desired and the florist will create that vision with flowers that are in season. If you want a particular flower and it is not in season sometimes florists can track those flowers down but because they are more rare that time of year they can be very pricey. A good florist will be very upfront with what flowers they can get and when. The Puyallup florist will offer an alternative to the flowers that are not in season that will have the have look and feel as the flowers are were originally desired. But once again, communicating with your florist your what you like and what you don’t like will help them to fide the correct substitute flowers.

At the first meeting with the Puyallup florist have a clear idea of what colors you wish to use for your wedding. When it comes to the boutiques and the centerpieces, using only one color is a mistake. Brides sometimes want everything to match but the monochromatic look leads to disappointing photos. Take the opportunity to use the bouquets to highlight an accent color. Using an accent color with the flowers will really make the main color pop in photos. For example, blush flowers against navy looks very clean and helps both colors to really pop. Also, make sure to take care of your flowers through out the day. Some flowers have a short life span so make sure hydrate the boutiques during the day in order to ensure that they will stay alive and fresh throughout the whole wedding.

Puyallup wedding flowers are a key part that can make the venue come alive with color and vibrancy. When choosing a florist make sure to take the time to do your own research, be prepared and make sure to include flowers in budget. Following this information will make picking a florist less stressful and more affordable.

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Washington State Fair Rides & Fun!

Washington State Fair Rides & Fun

This Friday the 11th, the Washington State Fair will start again for another year. Each year is more exciting than the last. One of the main attractions of the Puyallup Fair is its rides. Washington State Fair rides are arguably one of the biggest perks of going to the Fair. It brings out the “kid” in all of us.  Every year they have all kinds of kid activities as well so it really is all ages.  In fact, if your kid is under 5, the Fair is free!

Growing up in Puyallup, I remember all the great rides. As a young child it’s all that really matter to me. I couldn’t wait until 11am when the rides started to actually get turned on so I could have some real fun. We also got to the Fair early so my Mother and Father could enjoy everything else the Fair offered – then it was my time. Unfortunately, my Father is no longer with me but it was one of my favorite moments with him. Being older now, I understand his frustration and will be forever grateful for his patience. He would literally wait for hours and hours in lines with me so I could get on the next ride. You just don’t appreciate it until you get older and understand it better.

The Fair is an exciting time of year! We have listed some of the most popular rides so you can prepare yourself for all the fun you’re about to have. Lets get started with all the Washington State Fair rides.

The Merry-Go-Round ride is the oldest ride at the Fair. It’s been operating at the Fair since 1923! If you’re a senior (62+), you can actually ride the Merry-Go-Round for FREE. This ride is a timeless antique so if you want a smooth ride give it a shot.

Classic White Wooden Roller Coaster
The wooden roller coaster has been one of the biggest attractions forever at the Fair. In fact, people all over the nation come to ride the iconic ride. It’s been with the Fair since 1935. The roller coaster has completed a 5 year renovation which will make sure the ride will continue operating the next 100 years. It’s one of 20 wooden roller coasters across the nation. This 55-foot ride is an amazing and popular ride.

Extreme Scream
Not for the faint of heart this ride will make grown men cry. You can see it from the freeway. It’s tall and will take you 20 stories in the air in a matter of seconds. As you stomach nearly leaves your body, you’ll hit nearly 3G’s.

Rainer Rush
This is the Washington State Fair’s newest roller coaster. It was started in 2013. If you’re ready to take on this ride, you’ll experience a 60 foot drop, prompt curves going 50 mph, while you hang on for the ride of your life. Not for the faint of hear but if you want to feel +5.8 gravity force, then take this ride head on and be ready to scream.

There you have it our top picks for rides at the Fair.

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Puyallup Fair Concerts 2015

Puyallup Fair Concerts 2015

The Washington State Fair (Puyallup Fair) will be starting this weekend and for me personally, I love the concerts.  Over the years, I would say that I have attended 6 or so concerts in the grandstands.  It’s been a great time and they continue to bring big names to our small town.  I remember growing up even our family went together for a few.  If you’re familiar with the Fair concerts, you’ll see a few repeats each year but they are pretty good about their artist selections making sure there is always someone new.  Lets go through the concert list, dates, and history of all the concerts available for the 2015 year.

Sept. 11th & 12th 2015:

To start the Fair off right on Friday and Saturday night they will have their Dancin’ in the Dirt Parties.  Friday night at 9pm will feature Colt Ford.  If you’re not familiar with Colt Ford, he was born in Georgia.  He was professional golf player before focusing and hitting it big in his music career.  He was landed on the Hot Country Charts 6 times.  On Saturday night, Dan + Shay will be the artists.  They are country duo team out of Nashville, Tennessee.  They have been on the Hot Country Charts as well with 3 top singles in the top 40.

Sept 14th, 2015:

On Monday the Fair will feature “Weird Al” Yankovic.  Over the years, Weird Al Yankovic has been a popular and returning artist over the years. He is fun show and quite popular with over 12 million albums sold.  I would describe his music and concert experience as parody music, comedy, and polka.  You can’t go wrong with a Weird Al show.

Sept 15th, 2015:

On Tuesday you’ll have the opportunity to experience HEART and their Love Tour.  According to VH1, HEART is considered to be one of the top 100 greatest rock bands. In the US alone, they have sold over 22.5 million albums.  In 2013, they were inducted to The Rock And Roll Hall of Fame.  Join sisters Nancy and Ann Wilson (HEART) for this exciting show which starts at 730pm.

Sept 16th, 2015:

On Wednesday night the fair will have Fifth Harmony in the house.  If you don’t know who Fifth Harmony is they are an all female group which was formed on the second season of the X Factor with Simon Cowell.  It was a very inspirational season watching the group get formed.  You can watch one of the segments below where they were fighting to make the cut on the show.

Sept 17th, 2015:

Thursday night the Puyallup Fair Concert Series will have the special guests Crystal Gayle & Lee Greenwood.  From Kentucky, Crystal Gayle is Loretta Lynn’s younger sister.  In 1977, Crystal Gayle’s single took off and catapulted her career. The single “Don’t it Make My Brown Eyes Blue” was a tremendous hit.  It reached #1 on the CashBox pop charts and got her a Grammy.  Lee Greenwood is a popular country artist as well.  He has had over 35 singles on the Billboard country music charts.  He was born in California.

Sept 18th, 2015:

Friday night at 7:30 the Fair will feature Terry Fator.  In 2007 he got his big break by winning the season 2 of Americas Got Talent show.  The win landed him an offer in Vegas as well as one of the highest paid comics just under Jerry Seinfeld in 2013.

Sept 19th, 2015:

Saturday is going to be a big night at the Fair.  Musician Keith Urban will be on the stage.  You’ve seen him on several seasons of American Idol now and his career only gets bigger and bigger.  This is the Rise ‘Em Up Tour.  Keith Urban is a 4-time Grammy award winner and one of the most popular country singers.  With more than 15 million albums sold Keith Urban has had a long list of #1 hits.

Sept 20th, 2015:

The Fair brings to the stage Chris Tomlin & TobyMac.  Chris Tomlin has a very successful career he has 12 #1 radio singles, a GRAMMY with 8 additional nominations, 3 Billboard Music Awards, 21 Dove Awards, 5 gold and 2 platinum digital singles, and a platinum and 4 gold albums to his name.  He has 10 albums to his name including his last one, Burning Lights, which kicked off 2013 as a No. 1 album.  TobyMac has sold over 11 million albums and very popular in the Christian scene.  He has 5 Grammy awards to his name.

Sept 21st, 2015:

The legendary female artist Patti Labelle takes the Fair stage on Monday the 21st.  She will be joined by The Tacoma Symphony.  Patti Labelle is an icon in the music industry.  Some have named her the Godmother of Soul.  She has sold over 50 million albums and continues to entertain all her fans across the nation.  Patti Labelle was on the 20th season of Dancing with the Stars as well.  Over her career, she has been on 17 music tours.

Sept 22nd, 2015:

On Tuesday the Fair will have Iggy Azalea on the main stage.  At the age of 16, she left Australia to take over the music industry in America.  Her #1 album “Fancy” really jumpstarted her popularity in the music industry.  The concerts starts on 7:30pm and doors open at 6:30pm.  The concert will also have special guests Tinashe & Elijah Blake.

Sept 23rd, 2015:

They are here finally in Puyallup.  Duran Duran will hit the stage on Wednesday night.  From Birmingham, England, we have heard all their great music including “Hungry Like the Wolf”, “RIO”, and “Girls on Film”.  The UK band has had 14 singles in the top 10 of the UK Charts.  They have sold over an amazingly 120 million albums.

Sept 24th, 2015:

Jake Owen and special guest A Thousand Horses are coming to the Fair Thursday the 24th 2015.  Jake Owen always puts on a great show.  Days of Gold is Jake’s most recent album.

Sept 25th, 2015:

Friday night the 25th is going to be a blockbuster in Puyallup Washington.  The stage will include Kool & The Gang with special guest En Vogue.  Kool & The Gang has sold over 70 million albums worldwide.  My favorite song of the band is “Jungle Boogie”.  The band has 7 American Music Awards, 25 Top Ten R&B hits, 9 Top Ten Pop hits, and 31 gold and platinum albums.  Kool & The Gang has been preforming regularly over the last 45 years.  En Vogue will be there as well included in the ticket price.  They are an all girl group which started in California in 1989.  They have sold over 20 million records worldwide.

Sept 26th, 2015:

The last two concert events at the Fair are expected to draw big crowds.  Both artist are huge names in the industry.  Jason Derulo will be on stage Saturday the 26th.  This superstar has sold over 45 million albums and has amassed over 1.5 billion views.  He has also been a guest judge on the show “So You Think You Can Dance”.

Sept 27th, 2015:

It’s the last night of the Fair so this finale show will be BIG!  Pitbull will be hitting the stage at 7:30pm.  Everyone knows Pitbull – he has sold millions of singles and regularly in Miami pumping the beats in the clubs. He is often at the New Years Eve’s celebrations so it will be great to see him closing down the Fair.


That is the schedule for all of the concerts being featured on the main stage at the Fair.  It’s going to be an exciting year this year for events at the Fair.  The Washington State Fair opens it’s doors this Friday the 11th.  See you there!



Getting Married in Puyallup

Getting married in Puyallup

Getting married can be a wonderful, exciting time in your life but it can also be stressful and overwhelming. Planning a wedding is almost a full time job itself. Many brides in order to save money are planning their own weddings and this can cause a lot of stress. Most brides spend, on average, a year planning their wedding and that never seems like enough time. The majority of brides have families or jobs that make planning a wedding difficult. Searching for advice for planning a wedding can also be overwhelming. There is a lot of information out there so sometimes finding a place to begin is difficult.

One of the best pieces of advice that anyone can get is to get organized as soon as you possibly can. Being organized is key to helping make the planning process a lot less stressful and make the wedding day go very smoothly. Take your time with the planning process. There are so many details that go into the big day so make sure to take your time. The first aspect of the wedding planning and the first step to being organized is to get a budget in place. A budget will help to keep brides on track for certain milestones and making sure that all vendors are paid on time. Weddings can be very expensive and if you don’t plan your budget ahead of time, then it could end up costing you more money than you anticipated. When creating your budget, take time to research different vendors to find the best price. Make sure to ask the vendors if getting married during the offseason will save some money. The best way to create a useful budget is to create a spreadsheet with all items listed that you need for the wedding. Start with the bigger items or vendors like the Puyallup photographer, wedding dress and venue. As you work your way down the list start to focus on smaller items like your wedding shoes, accessories, the bridesmaid’s gift and make sure to include items that you would not necessarily think of, like postage for all the save the dates and invites you have to send out. Take time to make a thorough list of each item or vendor for the wedding and research to see the average associated cost.

Once your list is complete and you have researched the cost associated with each item or vendor, it is now time to start reaching out and interviewing your big ticket vendors like your venue, wedding photographer and picking out a dress. Make sure to book your venue a year in advance. Quality, inexpensive venues usually get snapped up pretty quickly. Make sure to ask if getting married in the off-season is less expensive. Some venues will also have preferred caterers that are only allowed into the venue. Sometimes this can be more expensive than just finding a place that allows any caterer to enter and serve food. Some venues have preferred vendors that will offer a discount because they are a preferred vendor. Ask about any discounts that they might offer. Another tip is to ask for all costs up front from your venue. Some venues charge a cake cutting fee and a cork popping fee. They usually don’t mention those up front costs so asking ahead of time will make your budget more precise. Also purchase your wedding dress around the same time. Wedding dresses are usually made to order and depending on your dress it can take 6 to 8 months for it to arrive. Also some boutique stores will offer discounts on the floor samples. It never hurts to ask especially when you are trying to keep on budget.

A wedding photographer can be pricey but it is worth it. Trying to go with the cheapest wedding photographer can potentially be an issue. You have your photos forever and working with a photographer you trust will end up paying off in the long run.

Heather Mann Photography is a local wedding photographer (in Puyallup) who offers affordable prices and fabulous packages. Heather, the owner, has a full wedding portfolio section as well which demonstrates much of her work. Another aspect that is important when choosing a wedding photographer is to make sure you can reach him/her quickly if needed. Choose a photographer who takes the extra time to setup a call and provides you with their direct phone number. If you’re planning your wedding and considering a Puyallup wedding photographer, give Heather a call at 253.370.7975.

Once your more expensive vendors have been booked, it is time to focus on smaller items that can be purchased through the year.

The next step is to get your wedding party and guest list solidified. Most people will have a general ballpark figure for wedding attendees when they book their venue. Now it is time to start pulling that list together. Decide whether you want to have children at your wedding and if single people can bring a date. Be very clear on your wedding invitations what your expectations are for you guests. If you prefer no children at the wedding then you can politely express that on your invitations. Remember it’s your wedding and invite the people that you want to have there celebrating with you on your special day. Most people feel pressured to invite family members that they have never met just to appease other family members. Hold your ground and remember each addition person will cost you extra money. Sometimes booking a venue with a limit on how many people can be in that venue help to limit your guest list. Picking out friends and family members to be part of the wedding party can also be stressful so make sure to start early. Remember to surround yourself with people that you know will be there to help you before and during the wedding. Once you have your wedding party picked out, you should start shopping for bridesmaids dresses. Some wedding boutiques need at least 4 months to order in bridesmaids dresses. Tux and suit rentals do not require as much advance notice but getting into the store early and deciding on what you want will definitely take a lot of your wedding planning plate.

Planning a wedding can be a wonderful experience if you plan ahead and stick to your budget. Planning as far in advance as you can for your wedding will lead to less stress down the road. The city of Puyallup offers a variety of venues, caterers and other wedding vendors at affordable prices to fulfill your wedding needs. Make sure to check out the rest of the website to see the best of what Puyallup has to offer!


How’s The Weather?

Puyallup Weather How is It?

Of course many of our readers have lived in the Puyallup area for a long time.  You know the weather in Puyallup because you’ve experienced it for many years.  For our out of state visitors or those who maybe considering relocating here then this post is for you.

Puyallup experiences all 4 seasons.  During the summertime you typically are in the range of the mid 70s to the mid 80s.  You also have some really hot days sprinkled in there.  During Winter, it can get pretty cold but usually doesn’t drop below 46 degrees.  You should expect a few days of below freezing, however.  You’ll certainly need to wear warmer clothing and it’s probably a good idea to have an umbrella with you or in your car just in case.  We do get our share of rainfall during the year.  You can expect a fair amount of cloud cover, fog and drizzle throughout the year.  The annual rainfall is between 70-100 inches per year.  Puyallup’s dry season runs through the months of July-September.  As I mentioned, however, we may receive a small drizzle even during the dry season.  Having a short burst of rain actually is really refreshing and helps break up the dry and hot days.  This year, we did experience a few fires far south of Puyallup which burned acres of land.

Washington State is a very colorful state.  We have lots of trees and colors which makes it a beautiful place to live.  It’s one of the reasons why I live in Puyallup.  Getting to experience every season is the best scenario.  When you’re getting tired of one season, the next one begins.  It keeps you going and refreshed.


Puyallup School District Jobs Available

Puyallup School District Jobs Available in the area

The job market right now can difficult.  The good news is that The Puyallup School District is hiring. If you’re not aware, the Puyallup District is quite large.  It includes 23 elementary schools, 7 junior high schools, 4 high schools, and an alternative school.  If you combine all the schools, Puyallup has about 22,000 students.  The District has jobs available for classified, certified, and administration personnel.  In addition, you can also apply directly with the District and additional positions maybe available there.

If you’re looking or considering a job with the Puyallup School District, you’ll want to visit their website and see what exactly is available.  You can call them also for any questions about the open positions.  On their website, you’ll need to register first.  If you’re a current employee there is a section for you as well.

If you click at the top left of their navigation, you can scroll through all their jobs available.  You don’t need to register or signup to view the positions.

We hope you find this information useful and you consider applying for a job at the Puyallup School District.

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Rogers High School

Rogers High School in Puyallup

Governor John R. Rogers (known as ‘Rogers High School’) is located on South Hill in Puyallup, Washington. The school mission and vision is “WE! Every Day for Every Ram!” “We” stands for Win Everything. We believe that if students have the mentality and support to “Win” at the “4 A’s” (academics, activities, athletics and the arts) coupled with building successful and positive relationships, their growth in each one of those areas will reach their full potential.

Rogers is well known for its strong schools spirit, academic programs, athletics, and arts. Rogers is well loved by its students, staff, and alumni. Rogers is home to approximately 1,800 students.

Sports are an important part of Roger’s culture. The school division falls under the 4A classification, which is for the largest schools in the state. Fall brings in school spirit with football, cross country, soccer, golf, tennis, volleyball, and water polo. Many of these teams compete in state wide tournaments, and compete at the district and state level. Winter and spring sports include basketball, wrestling, gymnastics, bowling, track and field, fast pitch, and baseball. Many of these sports host try outs, but some are open to all who are interested.

Arts and drama are also a big part of the school culture. The choir department is very strong and has a long tradition of excellence. The drama department puts on numerous plays throughout the year and also produces an annual musical. The band and orchestra programs are also thriving parts of the music department and send students to compete in the state solo ensemble every year. Roger’s is a high school that invests in the arts and sees the importance of these activities to enriching the academic experience. Educators in the art department have been recipients of teaching awards and are well respected by students.

Advanced Placement (AP) courses are offered to earn college credit in high school. Most juniors and seniors are eligible to enroll in these classes and take the AP test. Advisory is offered as a ‘home room’ to guide students in signing up for classes and working on the senior portfolio that is a graduation requirement. The Counseling Career Center is available to help students with their personal and academic growth. The Counseling Center can assist with the following: advanced placement, college entrance exams, culminating project, emergency community resources, financial aid/scholarships, high school graduation requirements, homework assistance, post high school planning, running start program, state testing requirements, and volunteer opportunities. Classes are offered in art, music, drama, debate, world languages, business and marketing, leadership, teaching careers, sciences, math, and more. Pathway programs are offered including JROTC, botany, ACE academy (construction and drafting), and welding.

There is something for every student to become involved in at Roger’s. Many clubs and activities exist that will meet the needs of student interests. A wide range of academic course offerings are available. Teachers and staff are there to support the needs of students and help them realize their dreams and full potential.

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Puyallup High School

Puyallup High School

Located in Downtown Puyallup in the Valley you’ll find the Puyallup High School.  The school is part of the Puyallup School District.  The district includes 3 other high schools as well which are Rogers High School, Emerald Ridge High School, and Walker High School.  PHS is the home of the Vikings and one of the biggest high schools in the state of Washington.  The colors of the school are purple and gold.

The Principal of the school is Eric Fredericks (2015) and between the years of 2013-2014 there were 1,589 students enrolled.  PHS provides education for the 10th-12th grade levels.

Puyallup Vikings standard logo for the school.
Puyallup Vikings standard logo for the school.

History of the School:
Puyallup High School was originally named Central High School.  The school was founded in 1890 and it’s first graduation class had 9 students in 1983.  Remember Puyallup was first incorporated in 1980 as well so everything was brand new for this small town.  The building went through a construction period in 1928 which cost between $30,000 – $35,000.  When the construction of the new school was completed, the school changed it’s name from Central High School to Puyallup High School.  During the graduation year of 1926, PHS had a graduating class of 112 students.  In 1956, the population of Puyallup was growing at a very fast rate and enrollments were very high making it difficult for the facility to support everyone.

The Fire at PHS:
Unfortunately during the year of 1927, the school had a fire and the graduating class that year held their graduation ceremony at the Liberty Theater.

The Liberty Theater
The Liberty Theater

Earthquake Damages:
After many years another event literally shook the school.  The Olympic Earthquake of 1949 caused great damage to the school building as well as the auditorium.  Several years later in 1965 yet again another earthquake caused damaged.  Due to the earthquake and damage, Puyallup High School felt the most damage and in fact was the only school closed in the Pierce County area.  To make matters even worse and unthinkable happened again in 2001.  In addition to all the other earthquakes, the school felt another shake which caused more damage.

There has been lots of construction projects at the school.  The first major construction of the building happened at the classroom building during 1971.  The gym was remodeled during 1984 and then a few years later the Library Science building (1986) was remodeled.  At his point, the school has grown very large with student enrollment.  Approximately 1600 students were moved to portables and extra rooms to just make it work during all the construction that was happening.  They even used other areas around the City of Puyallup, Washington.  The school really needed more room due to growth and the construction projects helped enhance the layouts so learning could happen more smoothly and efficiently.  Even though there was a lot of construction over the years at the school, they always made an effort to try to keep some of the original school structure as it was back in the day.

School Performance & Academic Scores:
Comparing the student performances during the years of 2005-2006, Puyallup High School 2nd in the entire district.  The school out performed Rogers High School and Walker High School.

During September of each year, qualifying seniors can apply for a scholarship. These scholarships are funded and created by the community through donations, auctions, raffles, and philanthropy efforts.  The Association also has a yearly annual dinner and a live auction. The events started in 1993 and have been very successful each year. They are managed and provided by the Puyallup High School Alumni Association.  The Washington State Fair (previously known as the Puyallup Fair) holds the event in the Expo Hall which is right in the middle of the fairgrounds.

High School reunions are put together by the many alumni volunteers as well as with the help of the Viking Booster Club.  For many years, reunions were being held at the Varsity Bar & Grill in Tacoma, however, the location closed several years ago.  The Viking Booster Club has a long history and is a non-profit that was created over 25 years ago.  They are very involved in the PHS raising funds to support the staff and students with planning and school events.  They often sell merchandise, provide the school Letterman patches, help with Homecoming, graduation activities, and of course scholarships which is noted above. Many of school yearbooks for Puyallup are held on display at the Library. The Puyallup Public Library has history days where you can review and discuss them.

Popular & Famous Alumni:
Puyallup High School has had there fair share of noble students.  We’ve seen Gail Bruce, Billy Joe Hobert, Brock Huard, Damon Huard, Dane Looker, and Adam Grant all make it to the NFL playing professionally.  On the topic of sports, we have Ryan Moore who is a professional golf player as well.  We’ve even had political figures such as Jim Kastama and Frank Brouillet.

PHS Vikings Football:
The schools football team holds many records to be proud of.  They were the state champs in 1987.  The football team has been league champs 14 times from 1971-2006.  Probably the most successful family related to football was the Huard students.  All three boys played football and 2 or 3 went to play professional after.  Brock Huard is often on TV discussing sports and the Seattle Seahawks.  There has been so many great football players who got there start with the Puyallup Vikings Football Team.  The mission statement for the football team is “Building Championship Attitude For A Lifetime Of Success”.

Over the many years at PHS, there have been many controversies.  According to the, in 2002 there was a $7.2 million dollar settlement by the Puyallup School District over a civil rights suit.  36 students and 23 parents were involved in the lawsuit.  The Viking Vanguard which is Puyallup High Schools student paper has faced some censorship over the years (as well as other Puyallup Schools).  Students formed a group to address the issue with the school board.  In 2008, the Seattlepi reported that several PHS students had their sex lives detailed in the Emerald Ridge Student Paper, JagWire, and ended up filing a lawsuit against the district as well.

I am so proud to be a Puyallup Viking graduate.  My experience with Puyallup High School was positive.  Sure there were a lot of students during my years, however, I felt the school was large enough to support everyone and provided the education we all were given.  Portables were used for several of the classes and it wasn’t really a big deal for me personally.  I’m a big fan of the schools in Puyallup and this high school in particular since I’m a proud graduate.  If you’re considering relocating to the Puyallup area, then I would recommend the Puyallup School District as being a great choice.  Puyallup was obviously growing and continues to grow every year not only in students but it’s population in general.  The many events, friends, and football games were my highlights.

School Address:
Puyallup High School 105 7th St. S.W. Puyallup, WA. 98371
Phone:  (253) 841-8711


Health & Fitness

heath and fitness

The Pacific Northwest is a very healthy and active area. In Puyallup people stay active year round and can be found biking and running on local trails as well as kayaking, swimming, and other water activities through the summer months. There are many parks where you can get together with friends to play ultimate Frisbee, flag football, or soccer.

During those rainy months, many find themselves joining a local gym to stay dry and stay fit. Some of those include:

  • Mel Korum YMCA
  • LA Fitness
  • Curves
  • Cross Fit Centers
  • Hot Yoga Inc
  • Bally Total Fitness
  • Vision Quest Sport & Fitness

Each facility offers a different workout experience and amenities to members. Whether you like to run in the rain on a trail, or prefer a treadmill inside to stay dry, Puyallup offers the best of both to stay active and healthy.

Downtown, Puyallup


Puyallup is a fun place to visit. The Washington State Fair brings in people from all over the region, sports tournaments bring people to the area, people come for business, or just to enjoy the beauty of Washington. With so much happening in the area Puyallup has several accommodations that will fit the bill for any stay. Many hotels have easy access to freeways, dinning, and shopping. You will be sure to enjoy your stay.

Holiday Inn Express

The Holiday Inn is located five minutes from downtown Puyallup. It serves a complimentary breakfast daily, and each room has a microwave, refrigerator and coffee maker. A gym is accessible during you stay, and a free pass to Bally Total Fitness Center (next door) is provided upon request.

Hampton Inn & Suites

Located in downtown Puyallup, this accommodation offers free Wi-Fi, a continental breakfast and gym, in a contemporary design. Hampton Inn & Suites provides a comfortable and memorable stay for guests.

Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott                               

Located near the Washington State Fair, the Fairfield Inn & Suites is extremely close to downtown Puyallup and local amenities. The hotel offers an indoor pool and hot tub, free Wi-Fi, a continental breakfast, and gym. It has everything you could need for a stay in Puyallup.

Best Western

Located in South Hill, the Best Western is a full service hotel that offers comfort and wonderful customer service. It has great freeway access, and is only a short drive to downtown Puyallup, the mall, and restaurants. This is a great stay if you want the best of both downtown Puyallup and the South Hill area. There is great patio seating, full bar, and indoor pool (for those rainy Washington days).

Northwest Motor Inn

 Northwest Motor Inn is located in downtown Puyallup. It is an economical choice of stay that allows you to enjoy nearby amenities. It is extremely close to the Washington State Fair and has great freeway access.

best western



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Places To Visit Today in Puyallup

Places to visit in Puyallup

The weather today in Puyallup is amazing and that means you need to get out of the house and have some fun. If you’re new to Puyallup or just moved here – then give these main places to visit a try. It’s a short list but covers all the big places you must see and what better time then now to go see them!

Puyallup Fair
People come from all over to see the semi-annual Puyallup Fair! It was voted to be one of the Top 10 fairs in the entire U.S.! Find out more about the fair at!

Recently the Puyallup Fair changed its name to the Washington State Fair. The change was due to branding and to draw bigger events and crowds to the area.

Puyallup Library
Read more about the new Puyallup Library! The library offers a variety of classes and programs. The Library is fully updated and remodeled. They have rooms available for special events and/or can be reserved. From books, dvds, fast computers you can find almost everything at the Puyallup Library downtown.

Meeker Mansion
Meeker Mansion is a historical site and former home of Puyallup’s founder, Ezra Meeker. He was the first mayor and the one who named the town Puyallup, meaning “generous people”. Find out more about the mansion at the website

Karshner Museum
A fun place for kids to learn about history and other cultures. Everything from dinosaur fossils to Indian tipis are on display. Programs for children are also offered. Go there! I remember visiting as a child and smelling the big elephant foot. The Karshner Museum is a popular student destination.

Mount Rainier National Park
This enormous 200,000+ acre park is ideal for climbing, skiing, camping, or just photographing the beautiful wildlife! Find out more by visiting the Mount Rainier Park website. One of the great things about living in Puyallup is that if you want to visit the snow it’s not too far away.


Volunteer Opportunities

puyallup library

Puyallup truly is a community. It is the people that make the city great and many individuals go above and beyond to make the city what it is. One of the ways this happens is by volunteering. Puyallup has many ways to interact and help in the local community.

Volunteering is a great way to meet new people, make a positive impact in the community, and give back. Being a tight knight area, there are ample ways to invest in the local community and share your time, talents, and gifts. Puyallup is a community that thrives because of the people who are devoted to the future and care about the community they live in.

Volunteer Opportunities Include:

  • Puyallup Police Department
  • Puyallup Parks and Recreation
  • Puyallup Activity Center
  • Metro Animal Control and Adoptions
  • Puyallup Public Library

There and endless ways to help in your community. Each volunteer location has multiple volunteer position. At the Police Department you can assist at the front desk or help with citizen patrol, at the Activity Center you can spend time with senior citizens, work with animals at the Metro Animal Control and Adoptions center, or assist with classes that take place in the downtown library. There really is something for everyone. Get involved today!

cute dog

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Puyallup Yard Maintenance Tips for New Homebuyers

Puyallup Yard Maintenance New Home

Being a new homeowner can have a lot of responsibilities and one of them is right outside; in the yard. As you know Puyallup is very seasonal but keeping your yard up to date is important. Personally, I know this is one of my biggest faults as a homeowner. Not taking care of my lawn very well. At one point in my life I actually moved to a home that was smaller so the yard would be easier to manage. I hate yard work! We do have a new home buyer guide if that is you.

Though many new homeowners may think that gardening or making a landscape for their house is easy, it actually requires a bit of planning and adjustments financially for succeeding in a satisfying final product. Here are some spring cleaning tips if you want more tips or ideas about cleaning up your yard.

Puyallup landscaping and proper maintenance is something that actually requires a little bit of knowledge in terms of what you wish to do with your yard immediately or eventually and there are step by step offers online with basic understanding on landscaping care and methods should you wish to try them on your own.

One of the first things to do with landscaping is to check if there are high and low spots in the yard. It is advisable to have the depressed areas filled in order to make everything level. Should the uneven areas remain, they could essentially damage your lawnmower, cause much unneeded frustration and cost you more than you were planning.

Aerating your lawn. This essentially controls thatch, reduces soil compaction, improves nutrient and water filtration and stimulates new growth. The transitional seasons are the best to aerate, Fall being the more preferred season however, should you move in Fall just wait until the Spring. If you have thatch you will need to use a rake or a dethatcher to break it up.

Testing your soil. This is helpful and in the long run, will help you get to know what is in your soil should you eventually desire to have a garden or some sort of edible growing from it. Testing your soil will help you control weed, disease, and insects without harsh chemicals while also allowing you to track your progress as you become more efficient in your landscaping and gardening. Any bald areas or peculiar parts of the yard might have something wrong that a test can determine for you. Tests are easily found and can be DIY.

Grassing whole lawn or bald spots. When you do decide to plant your grass in your garden you should also plan on planting in transitional months, Fall being preferred, however again Spring is also ok should you not have the Fall option. Seeding grass is easy, affordable and should be planted before a freeze or right after the winter. Seeds start to germinate at about 50 degrees Fahrenheit and as long as you seed early enough, wait quite a bit until cutting. Even if there is some dryness, in the late Spring, no need to fret, the hotter it is, the deeper the roots burrow, allowing for a strong healthy and resourceful grass that will grow strongly throughout the summer.

Planting and design. Before planting it would be advisable to see the types of plants that thrive and are seasonal in your new location. The Puyallup Valley area has different soul than the South Hill area. It’s typically softer in the valley and more rugged on the hill from what I have seen. Online there are loads of plant databases that can provide you with enough plant information on seasonal growth, growing needs and conditions and even tree and lawn care.

Getting prepared for spring. Crabgrass is a very serious problem for many lawn owners and for new homeowners can be frustrating as it grows so strong and thrives everywhere. Without getting out the chemical guns for getting rid or managing crabgrass a great eco-friendly and cost friendly solution, use corn gluten meal as an option.

For a DIY pest control method there are many sites online that give you a simple guide on pest control for your location and also your yard. As pesticides are tricky in what they are made of, there are in depth guides on what you can use and how to use them. Even if you are not looking to DIY – knowing about pesticides before the gardener comes out is a good idea.

There you have it folks! Homeowner tips and tricks to having a great yard.

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Where to find a car in Puyallup?

Puyallup new used cars

There are many places to buy a car in Puyallup – Both New and Used

There are so many car dealerships both new and used in Puyallup; there is no need for you to go outside the city to find a deal on a car. The downtown area on River Road has so many dealerships that your head will spin. Most of the dealerships have websites and they do stay current with their inventory. Having purchased several cars in Puyallup I have found the fastest and easiest way to search is to simply go online. You’ll cover the most ground this way and it will be so much easier to compare their prices. Craigslist is also good and will save you time.

What to consider

How to find the car that will exactly suit your needs for years to come can be a big job but just takes a little research and planning. You will first need to select price, locate and then take a test drive of the car that you think is best for you. You then need to decide if you want to buy a new car, lease a new car, or buy a used car.


As much as you and others do, dream about what you want in a car, it is best to be practical about what you need – not just at present, but also in the future. Here are a few practical considerations to think about:

• How many people or passengers will you need to carry?
• Will you be doing any towing?
• Will you be using Children’s car seats?
• How much garage or parking space do you have?
• How much will you drive daily?


Unless you are going to pay cash for your car, you will need to think about financing your purchase or leasing. How much can you really afford for a monthly car payment? There is a general rule that no more than 20% of your monthly take-home pay should be the amount of your car payment. Puyallup has a lot of credit unions in the area and they typically offer the best financing rates. If you’re pre-approved, you won’t have to deal with the financing department at the dealerships. The rates at the dealerships are typically higher.

Not cheaper in big cities

Many might think that they could get a better deal in one of the bigger cities but that is not really true. Another question to ponder is the fact if you buy a car in Puyallup, you will be so much closer to where you need to go to have your car fixed. The City of Puyallup has auto repair businesses everywhere. You can just drive up and down the main road (Meridian) to view them all.

Negotiating & car research

There are several websites where you can get advice about what you need in a car and places to go to look at used cars and the value you can find in one. No matter what brand name you are looking for you will find a dealership to help you. There are some services online that will negotiate the sales price for you. I know some buyers don’t want the confrontation of negotiating so you can have a pro do it for you. Also review the Kelly Blue Book value, however, so you know what the vehicles true value really is.

Edmunds is a good car resource

The website has a total listing of all the local car dealerships. You can find the best deal on your next car with an online discount price quotes on cars, SUVs, trucks and minivan models. Having the capacity to compare prices on used and new vehicles in Puyallup and makes this process of buying a new or used car and makes that process cost-effective and very convenient. You can search for car dealerships in Puyallup, Washington with our comprehensive network of dealerships and avoid all the common hassles that can be linked to car shopping.

Things to consider

So, no matter what you are looking for, you should be able to find a new or used model for the brand you are looking for. At the end of the day remember to think about your situation as well. Do you work at home? There are many people who are only using their car in bad weather. Do you walk where you want to go or take the Sounder Train to work? So how much you want to spend on a car and how much usage can be other elements to consider with your new or used car purchase. Good luck!


How to Feel at Home in Your New City

Puyallup moving living in new place

Moving to a new city or neighborhood is like going on a new adventure. Unpacking boxes and getting stuff sorted out in your new home is pretty time consuming and tiring. I know when I moved to Puyallup, I was overwhelmed.  The City of Puyallup has so much to do and so many places to visit.  Everything is also really close to each other whether it’s a restaurant, shopping centers, or a movie theater. There are different ways to get to know your neighborhood or City and we have chosen fun, exciting and good diversions from over-stress, tired, unpacking tasks.

Going for a walk around the neighborhood is a great way into getting to know your new area. If you have children this is also a great way to get them familiar with you in your new surroundings. On South Hill, Bradley Park is a good walking area or if you’re in the Valley, you can go towards Orting. Bradley Lake Park is one of the best in Puyallup.

Getting local newspapers to familiarize yourself with the local news, happenings, cultural events and dining. Nowadays, everything can be done online and in the local eateries and shops flyers, local free papers can also be found with additional information for getting involved and situated. These papers are a great resource to getting into recreational, family and cultural scenes.  You can try the Tacoma News Tribune or the Puyallup Herald to name a few.

Puyallup Coffee shops are usually in abundance especially anywhere you live in the Pacific Northwest. The love for coffee and the local produce and baked goods is always a great feeling of a self-sufficient community which you live in. Eating local is a great way to meet people who are eco-friendly and also environmentally sound.

Farmer’s Markets. Find your weekend produce providers! All local and fresh, these markets not only have fresh produce but meats, breads, cheese, handmade crafts and organic products. As these markets are focused on being local, you will meet locals and meet interesting people who are from your new area or have been there a while.  The Meeker Days Festival is a must visit but that only happens once a year.

Dog Parks. Should you have a canine friend, you’ll probably want to get them familiar with the new surroundings and smells as well as other dog neighbors who are close by. For most dog owners, this is a good way to meet dog friendly people as well as potential friends.

Local Library. Local libraries are a hub for intellectual and artistic happenings. Getting a membership is always a satisfying addition in getting involved and tapped into your community.  Puyallup has a very large library downtown in Pioneer Park or a smaller one on South Hill.

Most neighborhoods have a recreational center or sports center of some sort. This provides a healthy way of getting acquainted with like minded people. There are a handful of running groups, spinning classes, yoga and pools for doing laps. As some also provide sauna and steam rooms, what a great way to relax after a workout and treat yourself.  I have personally met some great people at the local recreational center while I was playing baseball on a league.

There are many activities for getting situated in new neighborhoods and with these beginners’ tips you will surely be on your way to having a nice routine and familiarity in your new area.  Get out there and meet a new friendly person!

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Puyallup Art Scene

Arts Downtown/Valley Arts United

Arts Downtown and Valley Arts United are organizations that provide a free outdoor gallery in downtown Puyallup. Since 1995 they have built a collection of over 32 pieces. It is enjoyable to walk through the downtown area and view these artistic pieces. Works are created by students, professional, and emerging artists. The pieces are valued and appreciated by the community.

arts downtown

arts downtown.png 1

The Northwest Sinfonietta

The Northwest Sinfonietta is a group of nationally acclaimed musicians that perform in Puyallup, Seattle, and Tacoma. Concerts in Puyallup take place in the Pioneer Pavilion. The group brings together a breadth of classical works in an intimate chamber setting that will make for a memorable evening.  The ensemble is made up of 30-40 musicians that create a vibrant and crafted sound. Classical music lovers will greatly enjoy this musical performance and collaboration.



Coffee Shops

anthem coffee


As the leaves begin to change, the temperature drops, and the rain begins to fall, people in the Puyallup find themselves leaving behind those outdoor summer days to find some warmth and comfort indoors. Coffee shops are a staple in the Pacific Northwest, and for good reason. Many locals find themselves moving into popular coffee shops to read a book, chat with a friend, or simply relax while enjoying the smell of freshly ground coffee beans. We don’t mind the rainy seasons when we have plenty of coffee shops to cozy up in.


Anthem is located in the heart of the downtown Puyallup. Right next to the library, park, and several schools, Anthem is a very social coffee shop that has much to offer. Anthem provides a great selection of beer, coffee, and food. Anthem is a hip and relevant hang out spot with friendly staff and welcoming environment. Old friends can be found catching up over a coffee, and high school students can be found studying for their next big test. Anthem is a coffee shop for all to enjoy!

Big Foot Java

Big Foot Java is located in the Sunrise Village on South Hill. With ample seating, a cozy fire place, and an extensive drink menu, you are sure to enjoy your café experience here. It is a great place to work, finish a book, or catch up with a friend.


Starbucks has two stores on South Hill, both located on Meridian. With outstanding customer service and quality products, Starbucks continues to rise to the occasion for coffee drinkers everywhere. With the company headquarters just up the road in Seattle, Washingtonians are loyal drinkers and supporter.