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Picking the right Puyallup Yoga Studio

Puyallup Yoga Studio

Yoga is a wonderful and calming way to get into shape. Whether you are coming to yoga to gain flexibility or strength, lose weight, or reduce stress, sometimes getting started can be intimidating. There seems to be a Puyallup yoga studio on every corner in most major cities that offer all different types of yoga. Yoga can seem intimidating to people because they feel like they are not flexible or strong enough however the practice of yoga is for everyone. Before getting into yoga, be honest about why you want to start practicing yoga in the first place. There are many different types of yoga practices and each have their own intentions and benefits. For example, there are Pre-Natal Yoga classes for pregnant women, Hatha yoga is a combination of body postures, breathing and mediation and is great for beginners, and Vinyasa is called yoga flow and is for people who are looking to sweat. These are a few examples of what a yoga studio can offer their members. Knowing why you want to start practicing yoga will help you to find the right studio and the right class for you.

According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrated Health, 9.5% of Americans are practicing Yoga (21 million people). This is a 2012 – number so I imagine it’s popularity has only increased.

When searching for the right studio, the best place to begin is just asking around. Talk with friends and family who practice yoga and see what their experiences have been with the studios they practice at. Word of mouth is always the best form of advertising. Ask where they go, if they have a teacher that they like, and what style of yoga they practice. Get their feedback and get informed. Once you have that information, do some of your own research on the Internet. Take time to research the different styles of yoga to see which style will benefit you the most. Find studios in your area and take a look at their websites to read testimonials, mission statements, and find out how many hours of training each teacher has under their belt.

Yoga Alliance is a non-profit registration organization for studio and teacher in the United States. This is a great place to start when researching information regarding teachers and studios. A registered yoga teacher has a designation of 200 or 500 hours training and an experienced yoga teacher has at least 1,000 hours of training. Some studios require their teachers to have experience and knowledge with anatomy. This can be very important when it comes to postures like a headstand. A teacher that understands how each body part and muscle works can make for a safe and sound practice.

After doing some research, it is time to visit the studios that match the criteria that you have laid out for your practice. Most studios will not let you sit in and observe the class but most studios welcome a potential member to stop by and ask questions. Even walking through the door can give you a general idea of how the studio is run and the atmosphere. Some studios play music during class and some use incense. You can also ask how big the class sizes are and whether it is more of a community orientated studio or a go in, practice and then go home type of studio. Some studios focus more on community and making friends and some studios prefer just to teach and then dismiss their students. Make sure to pick up a class schedule to see the times of the classes and if it will fit into your schedule. Get a price list as well. Most studios give discounts for students and possibly members of the military. Sometimes with some studios, the more classes you buy the cheaper it is per class. Yoga can be pricey and that is why it is important to make sure to gather all the facts before making the leap.

Some of the Puyallup yoga studios do offer an introductory class so potential members can get a real feel for how each studio and teachers run their classes. Like all gyms out there, there is a lot of variety when it comes to yoga studios. Try to sample as many studios and teachers as you can to get an understanding how the classes are run and whether it is something that you want to invest in. Some classes are more focused on meditation and some yoga classes are heated which for some people can be uncomfortable. Also, because yoga focuses on a mind and body connection, making a connection with the teacher in important. Look for a teacher that speaks to you and makes that critical connection. Yoga is about letting go and finding a teacher that makes you feel comfortable in that space and this will allow you to have a much more effective practice. The only way to really know is to give the class a test drive so make sure to sample different teachers and different styles.

Yoga is a beautiful and relaxing way to experience a different kind of workout. It doesn’t matter if you live in Puyallup or not. It’s great for everyone!. For people looking for an alternative to gyms and Crossfit, yoga is a great option that focuses on your mind and body as well as connecting with a community. Yoga studios are accepting of all people so don’t be afraid to head into a studio. Yoga can take years off your life, relieve back and neck pain, and help to reduce stress but it takes time and hard work. Don’t hesitate to get started, in the long run the work will pay off!

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