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heath and fitness

The Pacific Northwest is a very healthy and active area. In Puyallup people stay active year round and can be found biking and running on local trails as well as kayaking, swimming, and other water activities through the summer months. There are many parks where you can get together with friends to play ultimate Frisbee, flag football, or soccer.

During those rainy months, many find themselves joining a local gym to stay dry and stay fit. Some of those include:

  • Mel Korum YMCA
  • LA Fitness
  • Curves
  • Cross Fit Centers
  • Hot Yoga Inc
  • Bally Total Fitness
  • Vision Quest Sport & Fitness

Each facility offers a different workout experience and amenities to members. Whether you like to run in the rain on a trail, or prefer a treadmill inside to stay dry, Puyallup offers the best of both to stay active and healthy.

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