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Fair Rides

One can spy the Extreme Scream (pictured left) from across the Puyallup valley and down Meridian. This tall and towering ride is a staple of the Washington State Fair. From daring teenagers to reserved kiddos, there is an adventure awaiting fair attendees.

The Midway Ride section has over 70 rides. These might be too intense for the little ones but perfect for teenagers and older. When you make it to the top of these rides, you’ll catch some great views of the fair. You might want to save some of these views for after sunset!

The WA State fair includes some intense rides; these are not for the faint of heart or stomach. Adventure Zone features the Sling Shot, walk on water, zorb, Go-Karts, Euro Bungee, and Paintball.

My Favorite Rides

The Old Roller Coaster

Recently restored, this historic roller coaster is great fair fun. This roller coaster doesn’t have loops, so if you enjoy the speed and a classic ride, this fits the bill.

The Extreme Scream

There is nothing like sitting in a chair with your feet dangling knowing you are about to shoot up into the air. With high anticipation before take off, this ride has entertainment value as a bystander. The giggles that occur after each trip ends assures those next in line that it’s worth it.

The Swings

The Swings gives the rider a freeing feeling of floating through the air. It lights up at night and adds to the ambiance of the state fair. It is a moderately paced right where you’ll find yourself smiling as you move through the air.

The Ring of Fire

I would avoid this ride if you have a sensitive stomach or have just finished eating fair food. If you enjoy rides with loops that thrill, you will certainly enjoy this classic ride.

The Giant Slide

This ride is fun for all ages! Enjoyed by young, or just the young at heart. Grab a mat and make your way down the giant yellow slide.

Egg Scrambler

If you enjoy rides that twist and jolt, this is the one for you. We wish you luck walking in a straight line after this ride; you might feel a little twisted up. That doesn’t stop some from getting right back in line.

Pricing and Tickets

Whether you go to the fair for the rides, or just want to go on a few, several ticket and pricing options are available. Adult price is $12.50 and children under 5 get free admission.

For more pricing options click here

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