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Heath & Fitness

The Pacific Northwest is a very healthy and active area. In Puyallup people stay active year round and can be found biking and running on local trails as well as kayaking, swimming, and other water activities through the summer months. There are many parks where you can get together with friends to play ultimate Frisbee, flag football, or soccer. During those … [Read More...]



Puyallup is a fun place to visit. The Washington State Fair brings in people from all over the region, sports tournaments bring people to the area, people come for … [Read More...]

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Volunteer Opportunities

Puyallup truly is a community. It is the people that make the city great and many individuals go above and beyond to make the city what it is. One of the ways this happens is by volunteering. Puyallup has many ways to interact and help in the local … [Read More...]

Puyallup Yard Maintenance New Home

Puyallup Yard Maintenance Tips for New Homebuyers

Being a new homeowner can have a lot of responsibilities and one of them is right outside; in the yard. As you know Puyallup is very seasonal but keeping your yard up to date is important. Personally, I know this is one of my biggest faults as a homeowner. Not … [Read More...]

Puyallup new used cars

Where to find a car in Puyallup?

There are many places to buy a car in Puyallup – Both New and Used There are so many car dealerships both new and used in Puyallup; there is no need for you to go outside the city to find a deal on a car. The downtown area on River Road has so many … [Read More...]

Puyallup moving living in new place

How to Feel at Home in Your New City

Moving to a new city or neighborhood is like going on a new adventure. Unpacking boxes and getting stuff sorted out in your new home is pretty time consuming and tiring. I know when I moved to Puyallup, I was overwhelmed.  The City of Puyallup has so much to … [Read More...]


Puyallup Art Scene

Arts Downtown/Valley Arts United Arts Downtown and Valley Arts United are organizations that provide a free outdoor gallery in downtown Puyallup. Since 1995 they have built a collection of over 32 pieces. It is enjoyable to walk through the downtown area and … [Read More...]


Coffee Shops

The Pacific Northwest is full of coffee lovers and Puyallup is no exception. Bedsides the delicious taste, grabbing coffee at a local shop is the perfect time to read the paper, catch up with a friend, or just relax and enjoy the … [Read More...]

New Puyallup Neighborhoods Being Friendly

Good Neighborhood Manners 101

Though moving into a new Puyallup neighborhood can be exciting and getting to know the community is also a good way to integrate, there are some rules that everyone should abide to for building a good reputation and also maintaining proper respect towards the … [Read More...]