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Looking for a Wedding Caterer in Puyallup?

Wedding Food Planning And Cater

One of the best or worst parts of a wedding can be the food. We have all gone to that wedding where the food is horrid and then we have been to those weddings where the food was amazing and it made for a really fun wedding. For most couples and their guests the food can be the most important aspect to the wedding celebration. It can really make or break the overall atmosphere of the wedding. Everyone enjoys eating good food at a party but some couples can make mistakes early on in the wedding planning process that can lead to having terrible food or horrible service at their wedding. There are certain questions that you need to ask a potential catering company before hiring them to make sure that the food at your wedding is delicious and that there are no issues leading up to the event that can potentially affect the food situation during the wedding. Before meeting with the caterer here are some questions to consider and ask during the meeting.

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The most important question to start with is whether the caterer has a license and carries liability insurance. The license will indicate that the company has met all local health department standards, which is great news for your wedding. Also if you wish to have alcohol at the wedding then they will also need a liquor license and liquor liability insurance. The liquor liability insurance covers any accidents or issues that arise from serving alcohol at an open bar. It will help minimize how much will have to be paid out if someone injures themselves or damages property due to the effects of alcohol. The food and liquor licenses and insurance are a peace of mind for anyone looking to have food or alcoholic drinks at their wedding.

Some couples are very particular about the food at their wedding. For certain couples it is important to have vegan or organic food at their wedding. Some caterers will have many different kinds of food offerings and others offer only run of the mill standard wedding fair. Keep in mind if you wish to have a specific cuisine at your wedding then find a caterer that specializes in that style of food. If you wish to have French food at your wedding, then find a caterer that specializes in French food. Some caterers might claim that they can prepare and serve a specific style of food but your best bet is to hire a company that specializes in what you want. Also speak with the caterer about any special requests some of your guests might have. For example, some family members might require kosher or vegetarian meals due to religious or social concerns. If you are having children at your wedding, some caterers offer children’s meals. Address this with the caterer and find out if they charge an extra fee for these types of additional meals.

When dealing with anything wedding related, be prepared for fees upon fees. Sometimes, couples will get a bill from a vendor that includes fees they were not even aware of before they hired that vendor. Caterers can have a lot of fees when it comes to food and drinks so get all fees up front when meeting with them. Start with how much their security deposit will be, the sales tax and the service fees. Those are all common fees that all caterers charge clients. Also ask if there are any gratuities and if those are paid up front or after the party. Some caterers charge a delivery, setup and breakdown fee so make sure to ask in advance how much that will cost. If you wish to have alcohol at your wedding ask if bartenders are included or will there be an extra fee for the caterer to hire a bartender. Also, some caterers will provide tables, chairs, plates, linens and silverware for an extra fee as well. See if their prices are comparable to just renting those items from a party planning company. When meeting with the caterer be very clear about all the extra and hidden fees associated with their services. The last thing you will want after budgeting a specific amount for catering for your wedding is to be hit with extra fees you did not originally plan for when you came up with your budget.

If you are an individual who needs to have a caterer available to you at all times makes sure to express that to them when meeting with them. Some caterers will book multiple events in one day and for some couples this could be a deal breaker. Your wedding might not get the attention and the staff that is required if the caterer is stretched too thin that day. Along those lines, ask who from the company will oversee the service on your wedding day. If you have a good connection with an individual from the company then it might be important to you to have that person overseeing your event. Working with the same person throughout the whole process and then not having that person available on the day of your wedding can add extra stress to your already stressful day.

When interviewing potential caterers for your wedding keep in mind that catering is one of the most expensive parts of a wedding so be thorough when asking your questions. Also, get a list of previous clients and contact them to see how satisfied they were with services that the caterer provided during their event. It is very important to get honest feedback from others in order to help you make the best decision possible. The caterer does more than serve food at your wedding. They also help make the food serving process during your wedding go off without a hitch. Looking for a caterer locally in the Puyallup area? There are a lot of very reasonably priced caterers in your area so reach out to them to see what kind of packages they offer. If you have worked with a caterer in the Puyallup area let us know on Twitter!

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