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Washington State Fair Rides & Fun!

Washington State Fair Rides & Fun

This Friday the 11th, the Washington State Fair will start again for another year. Each year is more exciting than the last. One of the main attractions of the Puyallup Fair is its rides. Washington State Fair rides are arguably one of the biggest perks of going to the Fair. It brings out the “kid” in all of us.  Every year they have all kinds of kid activities as well so it really is all ages.  In fact, if your kid is under 5, the Fair is free!

Growing up in Puyallup, I remember all the great rides. As a young child it’s all that really matter to me. I couldn’t wait until 11am when the rides started to actually get turned on so I could have some real fun. We also got to the Fair early so my Mother and Father could enjoy everything else the Fair offered – then it was my time. Unfortunately, my Father is no longer with me but it was one of my favorite moments with him. Being older now, I understand his frustration and will be forever grateful for his patience. He would literally wait for hours and hours in lines with me so I could get on the next ride. You just don’t appreciate it until you get older and understand it better.

The Fair is an exciting time of year! We have listed some of the most popular rides so you can prepare yourself for all the fun you’re about to have. Lets get started with all the Washington State Fair rides.

The Merry-Go-Round ride is the oldest ride at the Fair. It’s been operating at the Fair since 1923! If you’re a senior (62+), you can actually ride the Merry-Go-Round for FREE. This ride is a timeless antique so if you want a smooth ride give it a shot.

Classic White Wooden Roller Coaster
The wooden roller coaster has been one of the biggest attractions forever at the Fair. In fact, people all over the nation come to ride the iconic ride. It’s been with the Fair since 1935. The roller coaster has completed a 5 year renovation which will make sure the ride will continue operating the next 100 years. It’s one of 20 wooden roller coasters across the nation. This 55-foot ride is an amazing and popular ride.

Extreme Scream
Not for the faint of heart this ride will make grown men cry. You can see it from the freeway. It’s tall and will take you 20 stories in the air in a matter of seconds. As you stomach nearly leaves your body, you’ll hit nearly 3G’s.

Rainer Rush
This is the Washington State Fair’s newest roller coaster. It was started in 2013. If you’re ready to take on this ride, you’ll experience a 60 foot drop, prompt curves going 50 mph, while you hang on for the ride of your life. Not for the faint of hear but if you want to feel +5.8 gravity force, then take this ride head on and be ready to scream.

There you have it our top picks for rides at the Fair.

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