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Useful Tools to have in Every Home

Useful Tools to have in Every Puyallup Home

There is list of things that can go wrong in your Puyallup home and though you could or could not be a handy man around the house, these will help with your smaller types of little mishaps that could use some fixing up.

Measuring tape: As we all know we get ideas spontaneously about doing something around the house. Maybe it is the need for new curtains or perhaps new furniture. What is most important however before going along on the endeavor of purchasing or even looking for that new something, you need to know the size of that something you want.

Hammer and nails: Well, this is always useful. Perhaps you find something that you wish to hang on the wall, a picture, mirror, hook or whatever, you need these to get underway and if by the other chance you need to take a nail out, voila, you can.

Pliers: For any of those plumbing issues that do not require (yet) to call a plumber. Sometimes those little spouts, pipes and connections get loose and only need to be tightened and adjusted. I have found that most of the time it is like that. However, if you feel adventurous, and that is up to you, you can try to open sink pipes with one if you think there is something clogging the pipelines.

Multi-Head Screwdriver: This is always helpful. With a lot of DIY furniture offered and those small little tools they give you in the box, a proper screwdriver is going to be your best bet. And not only for furniture, should anything need a little tightening, you will be able to fix it immediately.

Flashlight: For any blackout situation, it is good to have several so that you can navigate around when this happens. Also good for finding things in not so lit areas of the house, such as kitchen cabinets and such or the basement.

Step Ladder: Though you might not use it all the time, it is useful to have when in need to get to those hard to reach areas or clogged gutters if they are not too high.

Fire Extinguisher: These are a necessity in your home. Advised for everyone for those oil fires going out of hand or any possible fire danger that could happen. Cords sometimes ignite and other out of the ordinary happenings.

Adjustable Wrench: Need these when the pliers might not work well enough. All bolts are different sizes and being able to successfully fit the size with this type of wrench makes what appears to be difficult tasks actually quite easy.

Lightweight Cordless Drill: A cordless drill can be a pretty versatile tool. Depending on the kinds of bits you buy, it could be used to drill various sized holes in various surfaces. Or you could use it as an electric screwdriver. Before you buy a portable drill, check the manufacturer warranty as well as the availability of parts.

Heavy-duty Scissors – A heavy-duty pair of scissors capable of cutting through thick cardboard, packaging zip ties and other rugged materials is always a handy tool to have around. Get a pair with a 9 – 10 inch serrated blade and you’ll have the ability to cut through almost anything.

Shop Vacuum – The convenience of being able to instantly clean up wet and dry chunks of a hefty mess can be quite a priceless time saver.

Work Gloves – Unfortunately, human hands are covered with fragile skin just like the rest of the body. Sometimes you need to use your hands to accomplish a task that requires a durability threshold beyond that of your exposed skin.

Extension Cord – Because an electrical outlet is not always where it should be. This is always a helpful addition to have with your tools.

Various Types of Tape – Scotch tape, masking tape and duct tape… you need them all. Tape may very well be the second greatest invention after the hammer.

And last but not least and the most important:

First Aid Kit – We are not indestructible. When you or someone you care about gets injured, a basic first aid kit becomes the single most important thing you own.

If all else fails, call a local Puyallup handyman to help you out. You can find them on or if you’re feeling adventurist and want to save some serious money try Beware of many of the scams out there, however, and try to pay after the work is completed to protect yourself.

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