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Spotting Danger in Your Neighborhood

Dangerous Neighborhoods Watch

Though finding or spotting crime in the neighborhood is not always easy or even seen, it is good to keep a good lookout within your Puyallup community and report anything that seems out of character. When buying a home your real estate agent doesn’t really know (or cares to tell you) how bad an area can be in regards to crime. Puyallup does keep track of all the statistics related to crime in the area.
Neighborhoods around the US have different means of dealing with this situation. Though some neighborhoods are safer than others, one is never free of a break-in and more often than not, at some point within each calendar year someone has scouted or looked in neighborhoods for potential break-ins.

Neighborhood watch: Some Puyallup neighborhoods collectively design a patrol set up during the week for keeping the peace in the neighborhood and keeping a look out. It is practiced quite a bit now and though not necessarily needed most of the time, it keeps people at ease and gives a sense of security in the area.

If there isn’t an active Neighborhood watch in the area, then keeping a good eye out for suspicious behavior is the best that anyone can do. This doesn’t require a stressed way of surveillance it is more just an open mind, eyes and ears.

On Vacation. Hopefully your neighbors will let you know they are out of town in order for you to just keep an extra eye for something out of ordinary. You should also let your neighbors know when you are out of town so they will know that something is suspicious if in fact something happens. As professional criminals are usually pretty good at blending in, you might think a moving company truck is a moving company truck – when in fact it could be a burglary.

Anything that looks like a delivery and takes a lot of time should arouse suspicion.

Know your neighborhood routine. Most people today have busy lives and therefore rigid or systematic schedules in order to fit everything in. You probably do as well. After time you will have a good sense of what the rhythm is in your community and anything that feels out of place or out of balance should just be noticed. It could be something or not, but it is good to be aware and just cautious of those little details around you.

It is best to have at least a phone roster of neighbors in the area. Of course, it is impossible to know everyone, it is good just to have an emergency number to check up and see if someone out of ordinary is in fact welcomed or not. It is not advisable to confront a person who is unknown to you because it could be very awkward if in fact they are welcomed and if they are not, it could be dangerous. Having a proper, rational and sound resource and plan when something like this happens, if it does happen, is a good idea.

Keeping your neighborhood safe is what it is all about. Keep your eyes and ears open.
If you have any concerns contact the Puyallup Police Department.

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