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Puyallup’s Salmon Forecast This Year – 2017

Puyallup River Fishing Forecast 2017

Looks like it’s going to be an exciting year for all you Puyallup fishing fans. New data was just released from State Fish and Wildlife and it forecasts Coho will experience an dramatic increase compared to last years data. Last years numbers were 87,359 wild and 168,585 hatchery and this years numbers are expected to be 267,745 wild and 291,301 hatchery.

Overall it is good news. It’s up 6% from the 10 year average and looking at the hatchery element it is up 118% from just last year. Aaron Dufault, a state Fish and Wildlife biologist, stated, “The 2017 chinook forecast is a mixed bag for Puget Sound, and most Puget Sound wild stocks had decent returns (last year) based on the 10-year average”. He also confirmed by saying, “We are in a slightly better situation (for hatchery returns) than the 2016 forecast”.

Salmon Forecast 2017 Chart
Copyrighted: “Salmon Forecast 2017 Chart”

Pink Salmon numbers are sharply down but still over a million (1,150,522 to be exact). The Pink Salmon 2015 forecast was 6 million+. The Puyallup river system specifically is 382,301 (1.24-million in 2013 and 837,967 in 2015).

One of the best areas on the Puyallup River to fish for pink salmon is near 11th Ave. There typically are a lot of people in this area but check it out if it’s your first time. Also make sure to read the local regulations and get permission if you’re parking on your neighbors property.

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