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Puyallup Wedding Flowers (Top Mistakes)

Puyallup Wedding Flowers

Common wedding flower mistakes that are very avoidable

Top wedding florists around the country all agree on the most common mistakes that brides make when it comes to ordering their flowers for their wedding. There are certain issues that they deal with on daily basis that make it difficult sometimes for them to provide the best possible service for the bride. The florists want to make sure that they can do the best job possible and to provide the most beautiful arrangements for their customers. Here a few of the most common mistakes that brides make and are completely avoidable.

One thing that sometimes is hard for people to visual is the big picture. Puyallup Florists make a living visualizing the big picture when it comes to flowers at a wedding. Most couples have a tendency to focus on the centerpieces versus how flowers can transform the whole wedding venue. A venue with a gorgeous view does not need giant, tall centerpieces that might obstruct the view. Florists are great at seeing which type of flowers and what type of arrangements work best at different ceremony and reception sites. Trust the florist to help guide you to complete a lovely vision for the day of the wedding. Communicating likes and dislikes to the florist will help them create a big picture visual that will fit perfectly with the venue and the overall vision of the wedding.

According to, the average wedding cost $29,858 in 2014 with the florist & flowers being about $2,500 of the wedding budget.

Most brides wait until the last minute to book their florists. This can sometimes cause issues with the placement of order and making sure the florist can stock the flowers that the bride wants on her wedding day. Also, when the florist is booked last, the bride doesn’t budget the appropriate amount of money for her flowers. Flowers can transform a venue and they are not cheap. Brides should research a florist and find out an average cost for that vision. Call around to different vendors in the area to get their cost. Knowing all costs up front will help brides to budget appropriately to fulfill their dream for their flowers on their wedding day. Once a bride picks her, florist make sure to order sooner rather than later. Sometimes, flowers come from all over the world and take time to get shipped into the United States. Give a florist at least two months advance notice so they can make sure that everything arrives on time.

Florists aren’t wizards and can’t magically produce flowers that aren’t in season. Certain flowers like peonies are only available during a short period of time. It is better to communicate to the florist the overall look, feel and color scheme of the flowers that are desired and the florist will create that vision with flowers that are in season. If you want a particular flower and it is not in season sometimes florists can track those flowers down but because they are more rare that time of year they can be very pricey. A good florist will be very upfront with what flowers they can get and when. The Puyallup florist will offer an alternative to the flowers that are not in season that will have the have look and feel as the flowers are were originally desired. But once again, communicating with your florist your what you like and what you don’t like will help them to fide the correct substitute flowers.

At the first meeting with the Puyallup florist have a clear idea of what colors you wish to use for your wedding. When it comes to the boutiques and the centerpieces, using only one color is a mistake. Brides sometimes want everything to match but the monochromatic look leads to disappointing photos. Take the opportunity to use the bouquets to highlight an accent color. Using an accent color with the flowers will really make the main color pop in photos. For example, blush flowers against navy looks very clean and helps both colors to really pop. Also, make sure to take care of your flowers through out the day. Some flowers have a short life span so make sure hydrate the boutiques during the day in order to ensure that they will stay alive and fresh throughout the whole wedding.

Puyallup wedding flowers are a key part that can make the venue come alive with color and vibrancy. When choosing a florist make sure to take the time to do your own research, be prepared and make sure to include flowers in budget. Following this information will make picking a florist less stressful and more affordable.

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