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Puyallup Apartments

Puyallup Apartments & Tips

We all know finding an apartment is no fun. Honestly, it’s a big hassle. In this article we will cover everything you need to know about finding an apartment in Puyallup. We’ll cover the moving, preparation, and strategies to finding your new place to live.  Moving is about planning and saving your money.  It’s important to start early so you’re not rushed finding a new place and to also making sure you’re saving appropriately.

Determine your budget:
One of the first things you need to consider when getting an apartment is determining how much you can actually afford. The reality is if you can’t afford it then it’s probably not going to happen. A lot of places make the formula simple to get approved while others are move thorough with the process. Ideally, you want to be making 3 times the rent per month so keep that in mind. If you can prove that, then you’re in pretty good shape to get that apartment. Many apartment communities don’t look or even look at your other expenses (car payments, child support, ect) so it’s important you understand that these should be calculated into your rental apartment budget as well. If you have a pet then there maybe an extra monthly fee to consider. If you’ll be living with a roommate, they will most likely need to be added to the lease separately. This can help you save a lot of money and an option you may want to consider if it’s your first apartment. Income in most cases will need to be proved with documentation. The apartment complex may call your employer to verify your employment status with the company. Gather all your pay stubs so they are ready for the apartment complex manager if asked.

When looking for an apartment consider the following moving timeline to help strategize your move.

5 Weeks Out:

3 Weeks Out:

  • Start your packing and storage
  • Give away the items you don’t want anymore
  • Keep saving your money!

1 Week Out:

  • Start recruiting friends to help you move
  • Last minute packing
  • Plan for your pet

Moving Day:

  • Make sure you get a good nights sleep
  • Give yourself time no need to rush
  • Move into your new Puyallup apartment

Your FICO credit rating is a factor when getting an apartment. Make sure you understand it and determine where you’re rated. In many causes it’s the most important factor in determining if you’ll actually get the new place. Unfortunately, bad things happen to good people. If your score is not so good, I would recommend having a least 3 or 4 times worth of rent in the bank for proof. In the event, your credit is poor, I would recommend you be upfront about it as well. This avoids it being a surprise during the application process.

When you move in, don’t rush with the apartment furniture. If money is tight, save it for rent first and get your furniture a little bit down the road. The most important things are a bed so you can sleep and a place to sit and/or eat. Most people really are not impressed with expensive furniture nor even care if it’s used. It’s your place so if money is tight, then use a little more time and find some fantastic used bargains.

Something’s you’ll need right away for your new apartment in Puyallup are the essentials. Things like a garbage can, cleaning supplies, and a few kitchen items probably need to be your first apartment purchases. Instead of paying top dollar for these items, make a trip to the dollar store first. Using good judgment, you can get a lot of those apartment essentials for just a dollar. Another strategy is just to see what your parents are willing to give up to help you out. Hit them up they probably have a lot of items they want to liquidate and don’t use anymore. They might as well give them to you for your new Puyallup apartment. The important thing with all of this is to treat it as a transition that grows with you as you job and money situation improves. All your income to increase and naturally so will your lifestyle.

Don’t forget to stock your fridge or purchase some toilet paper. These things just don’t appear like they do when you lived at home with your parents. Food cost can actually creep up on you quickly especially if you go out a lot. Instead plan on saving money by learning to cook and staying in your new apartment to eat. Going out really can drain a budget and your savings. You need to plan for the extra things like heat, electricity, and water. Make sure you get some laundry detergent so you can actually have clean clothes. Are you required to get renters insurance? Sometimes that is requirement at new apartment communities in Puyallup. There are lots of little extra things that you may not notice right away and it’s important you budget that into your monthly apartment rate.

According to Yelp, Puyallup’s top rate apartments are:

Country Gables
1112 9th St Se
Puyallup, WA 98372
Phone number: (253) 848-0234

Country Gables is located in downtown Puyallup right below the Hospital. This used to be a pretty ran down area but they have completely remodeled the community and it’s much better now. This apartment is rated 5 Stars and one of the most affordable in the City of Puyallup as well. [GOOGLE MAP]

Meridian Firs Apartments
2923 S Meridian
Puyallup, WA 98373
Phone number: (253) 848-4369

The Meridian Firs Apartments is located just at the top of South Hill on Meridian in Puyallup. It’s right by the 7/11 gas station. It’s a gated community unlike the Country Gables, however it’s slightly more expensive. The community is very green and surrounded by lots of trees. It’s rated 5 stars, according to Yelp, as well and again one of the most affordable.

There you have it! Now you have some of the best tips, strategies, and apartments in the Puyallup area. So if you can’t buy a home just yet in Puyallup, then look at some of the apartments we’ve recommended.

If you’re selling your home or interested in seeing the home values in Puyallup, feel out our form below. You’ll be immediately redirect to all the Puyallup home listings.

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