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How’s The Weather?

Puyallup Weather How is It?

Of course many of our readers have lived in the Puyallup area for a long time.  You know the weather in Puyallup because you’ve experienced it for many years.  For our out of state visitors or those who maybe considering relocating here then this post is for you.

Puyallup experiences all 4 seasons.  During the summertime you typically are in the range of the mid 70s to the mid 80s.  You also have some really hot days sprinkled in there.  During Winter, it can get pretty cold but usually doesn’t drop below 46 degrees.  You should expect a few days of below freezing, however.  You’ll certainly need to wear warmer clothing and it’s probably a good idea to have an umbrella with you or in your car just in case.  We do get our share of rainfall during the year.  You can expect a fair amount of cloud cover, fog and drizzle throughout the year.  The annual rainfall is between 70-100 inches per year.  Puyallup’s dry season runs through the months of July-September.  As I mentioned, however, we may receive a small drizzle even during the dry season.  Having a short burst of rain actually is really refreshing and helps break up the dry and hot days.  This year, we did experience a few fires far south of Puyallup which burned acres of land.

Washington State is a very colorful state.  We have lots of trees and colors which makes it a beautiful place to live.  It’s one of the reasons why I live in Puyallup.  Getting to experience every season is the best scenario.  When you’re getting tired of one season, the next one begins.  It keeps you going and refreshed.

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