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DeCoursey Park In Puyallup

DeCoursey Park is located in downtown Puyallup across the street from Clarks Creek. DeCoursey is situated on over seven acres and includes a pond, two piers, a picnic shelter, restrooms, and a new playground. Keep reading to learn all the different ways to enjoy this park!

Want to have a Sunday family day? Spend the afternoon barbecuing some hot dogs and hamburgers and using the picnic shelters to enjoy a time of food, fun, and conversation. For information on picnic shelter and ball field reservations, call the Puyallup Recreation Center at 253-841-5457.

Enjoying the greenery of the park is one of the many perks of all the rainfall.  On rainy days, bring your rain jacket and rain boots in the fall/winter to splash through the puddles. We are out and about year-round in the Puyallup community, and a little drizzle doesn’t stop us from exploring these great parks!

The park also offers a pond that you can enjoy.  Stop at the pier to experience the calmness and serenity that still water brings. You might even come across some fishers. Take a walk in nature through the walking trails, bring your dog or meet up with a friend!

decoursey-pond puyallup

Let your kids burn off extra energy on the new play structure, run through the fields, and have an outdoor adventure! DeCoursey is known for its birdlife so you might have a flying friend following you around or something for your little ones to chase.

decoursey puyallup play

Ducks waddling around is a common scene at Decoursey! The park will be full of red, yellow, and orange leaves on a crisp fall day.

decoursey-park puyallup

Puyallup is full of great parks, so grab the kids, make some lunches, get in the car, and head out to make some family memories. Enjoy all the amenities this park has to offer!


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