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Get your very own email address. Use it for your business or even personal needs. If you’re still relying on an embarrassing email address, it may be time for a professional upgrade. An email address that is easy to remember, write, and tell others about. Everyone will remember an email address from

With a personalized email address, you can portray your unique personality right away. It’s great for business, websites, and word of mouth to your friends.

How it works:

  1. Use the form below and select your favorite email address.
  2. We review your submission and quickly reply back with your approval and order details.
  3. After your approval and payment is received, we’ll setup your new forwarding email. Then you can tell your friends, put it on your website, business cards, ect. Any email sent to your new email address will be automatically forwarded to your existing email address you use right now (example:

*Note: This is a forwarding email service only. You’ll still need to use your existing email service to reply to emails.

Localize your firm’s online branding and provide strategic marketing and social media advantages.
$47.00 Quarterly
First Name
Simplify your digital identity with our most popular item.
$19.75 Quarterly
First & Last Name
Consider setting it up with your first & last name
$9.50 Quarterly
Come up with something creative, cool, unique!
$9.50 Quarterly


*1 Week Free Trial
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    *You will not be charged until you give us final approval.
    *There is a chance your wanted email maybe taken already.
    *We review every submission individually.

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