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Celebrating Valentine’s Day in Puyallup

Puyallup Valentine's Day Things To Do

Valentine’s day is a wonderful time of year to celebrate the people in your life that you love. Whether it be your family, significant other, or even your friends, Valentine’s day plans can sometimes stump even the most creative people and some people don’t necessarily have the time to plan an elaborate day or date night. For people in Puyallup, have no fear; here is a list of some fun things or creative ideas to show your loved ones how much you care. It doesn’t always take the most expensive present or extravagant gesture. All it takes is a heartfelt act to show them how you feel. The following is a list of gifts and activities in Puyallup area to help make your Valentine’s Day a little less stressful and a little more fun to plan.

The right words are the way to the heart and a gift that immortalizes those words can bring joy over and over again. Some thoughtful words about how much you love your significant other or the reasons why you love them is a beautiful gift. This is something that you can either construct yourself or there is a company called Flatterbox that will construct a box with printed cards in it with all the sentiments and messages of love. Also get your friends and family in on the gift by asking them to submit messages of love to be included in the box. If you wish to construct a box on your own, all it takes is some card stock and a nice box from a craft store like Michael’s. Or for $49, Flatterbox will make a professional version for your loved one. Either way, the gift of lovely words and sentiments is something that your loved one can always cherish.

Although giving chocolates for Valentine’s Day is more of a common gift, it is still a delicious gift that most people love to receive for Valentine’s Day. For all those people who have loved ones in their life who absolutely love chocolate, Puyallup has one of the best local chocolatier’s in the state. Gosanko Chocolate ( is a family owned company that makes some of the most delicious homemade chocolates and they only manufacture in small batches in order to ensure quality. Located on A Street in Puyallup, they have a wide assortment of delectable gift boxes that are filled with their most popular truffles. Buying locally is always a great way to support your community and to give your loved ones a delicious gift at the same time.

For those people who love sweets but not chocolate, cupcakes and cake pops are little mini cakes that are perfect for Valentine’s Day treat. Wanna Cupcake offers cake pops and cupcakes in the greater Puyallup area. They are a local business located on East Main Street who, for a fee, will deliver within the Puyallup area. For anyone living in the area, cupcake delivery will help make your Valentine’s Day a little easier and make your someone special’s day a little brighter. Wanna Cupcake offers all different flavors for those people who like variety when it comes to their cupcake and cake pop flavors.

One of best reasons to celebrate Valentine’s Day is that it is a preplanned day that celebrates your love for one another. For some people, life can be hectic and it is hard to get out for a date night on a regular basis so Valentine’ day offers the perfect excuse to get that babysitter and put all other distractions aside. For people that don’t get out enough for a date night, 12 pre-planned date night ideas for the whole year is a great idea for people who wish to spend more quality time with their significant other. Get a basket and 12 large envelopes and stuff each envelope with a date idea for that specific month. All 12 of the dates can be different, like taking a cooking class during the month of March, or attending a live music event the following month. Find new and exciting things so you and your better half can create new memories for the year. Keep the dates a secret and open them with your significant other at the beginning of each month and then pick a date on the calendar. This gift is a great idea to celebrate your love all year long.

Know a lover of history in your life? On Saturday, February 13th, Meeker Mansion hosts a traditional Victorian Tea for you and that someone special. Come spend your Valentine’s Day afternoon stepping back in time at a proper tea gathering at one of Puyallup’s most historical landmarks. The Valentine’s Day Tea will start at 1:30pm and costs $12. Reservations are required. This is the great activity for people who are looking for something different for Valentine’s Day. Also supporting your local businesses and celebrating Puyallup’s history is a great way to support your community. You can call the Meeker Mansion at 253-8181-1770 to make reservations.

Some couples never seem to get quality time to relax together. As much as we all wish we could go to the spa once a week, busy schedules just don’t allow it. Taking the time to do a spa day together is a great way to reconnect and relax. You can either find a local spa in your area or set up your own spa at your home. Arabella Vitall Day Spa in Puyallup is offering a romantic “Time for Two” couple’s spa package. You and your loved one begin the appointment in the private aromatherapy bath surrounded by candlelight. You are served sparkling cider before you and your loved one enjoy an hour long couples massage. Each couple receive two champagne glasses and chocolates. The package is $209. If you are a little short on money this Valentine’s Day, you can always create your own little spa at home. Convert a guest room with candles and heated sheets to help your loved one relax and enjoy the day. Pick up some oils for a massage and then run a bath for your significant other for a true romantic experience.

Yoga has become quite popular in the last few years with studios springing up everywhere. For people who want to combine yoga with massage, Yoga Soleil is offering a Valentine’s Day Thai Yoga Massage Playshop at their Puyallup location on S. Meridian. This yoga workshop is not limited to just couples, you can bring a friend or family member to join you in this unique experience. Thai Yoga massage blends elements of acupressure, yoga, reflexology, physiotherapy, meditation, energy healing, deep tissue massage and Ayurveda. The playshop will be held on Saturday, February 13th from 4:00pm until 6:30pm. It is $35 per person or $60 for a couple.

Whatever your plans are for this upcoming Valentine’s Day, the most important thing to remember is to celebrate the love of your friends and family. Whether you believe that the holiday was invented to sell some cards or believe it to be a celebration of love, Valentine’s Day gives us a wonderful excuse to shower the ones we love with affection. The city of Puyallup offers a wide range of fun, unique activities to help you and your loved one celebrate the day. Let us know what your plans are for Valentine’s Day by tweeting us at We would love to hear from you!

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