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Located in Pierce County there is a town which goes by the name of Puyallup. From shopping, Puyallup Restaurants, bars, and colleges Puyallup is filled with everything you need. The education system viewed as one of the best in the state. The medical industry is popular as well. With that being said homes are affordable and many families feel comfortable raising their children here. Each year this city continues to grow. Puyallup gets its name from the Puyallup Tribe of Native Americans. The name means “the generous people.”

As of 2010, the population was approximately 40,000. The Washington State Office of Financial Management believes this number will continue to grow. If you’re a resident here, you know Puyallup is growing extremely fast.

Breakdown population

The population of this town is almost 100% urban. Since 2000 the population has grown at a modest clip of 15.6%. Here are some other numbers you might find interesting:

• Males – 18,498 or 48.5%
• Females – 19,649 or 51.55%
• Median age of a resident is 36.8 years
• Median household income was estimated in 2012 to be $59,700

This should tell you that this is one of those towns where people go to raise their families or start their businesses. This is the hub for:

• Retail
• Business
• Medical services

Puyallup, Washington’s ancestries includes:

• German 17.3%
• Irish 10.5%
• English 8.7%
• Norwegian 6.3%
• United States 5.6%
• French 3.2%

Puyallup has one community college in town Pierce College. It’s accredited by the state of Washington. They also have a campus just south of Puyallup in Lakewood, Washington. Education plays a large part in the town. This fits in with the comment about being a good place to raise a family. The Puyallup School District includes 4 high Schools, 7 Junior High Schools, and 21 elementary schools.

When the City of Puyallup is compared to Washington state averages here is what you come up with:

• Unemployment is below the state average;
• Median age is above average for the state;
• Percentage of foreign-born is below the state average.
Home values in Puyallup continue to appreciate each year.

Most residents work in the manufacturing industry and retail trade is not far behind. Construction is 12 percent and transportation and warehousing equal 7%. Health care and social assistant, professional, scientific, and technical services are all at 6% as is wholesale trade.

Of course you cannot think of this town without learning about the Puyallup Indians as they have lived up and down the Puget Sound shores for over hundreds of years. Their name means ‘generous and welcoming behavior to all people who enter our lands’.

The tribe membership has grown significantly in recent years and is now more than 4000 people. The majority of members live in the region of Puget Sound; however this tribe is spread out across the United States. They continue to be very active in the community.

Those tribal members who live in the Puget Sound area play spirited roles in almost all aspects of their lives. The adults in this tribe work as fisherman, attorneys, doctors and construction workers. Many are entrepreneurs who have thieving businesses. Many are actively sharing their Puyallup culture with the surrounding communities through art exhibits, pow wows, and other variety of activities. They also provide scholarships and fundraisers for the youth.

This is a small part of the Puyallup community culture and one can begin to draw a picture of a city that is perfect for growing families to live in. Good jobs, income, opportunities, plus an excellent variety of schools to choose from. Whether its community or private schools, families have so many options as it relates to education.

The beautiful country side in Washington makes this a perfect location for the outdoor families or individuals who love camping, hiking, and mountain exploration. Clark’s Creek is a small trail located in Puyallup. If you visit it at the right time of year you can witness the spawning salmon in the creek. If you really want an adventure then you can head up to Mt. Rainier. The Mt Rainier National Park is about a 1.5 hour drive.

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Simple Facts About Puyallup

Puyallup Facts & Population

Puyallup’s earliest known history stems back to a group of Indians that inhabited the land nearly 200 years ago, prior to any European Settlers moving into the region. A group of some 2,000 Indian people called this area their home. In the 1830’s, when European settlers first came into the region, they named the place Puyallup, and its people, the Puyallup Indians. As the town grew in the later 1800’s, its primary specialization was agriculture. Today Puyallup is a thriving city ever growing in size. Sitting at the foot of Mt. Rainier, the area boasts spectacular views while still providing a modern-day urban atmosphere inside the city.

Puyallup Population

Population (2013): 38,609
Population (2000): 33,011
Population (1990): 25,610
Population Change: 28.9% Growth
Housing Units (2000): 13,467
Median Household Income (1999): $47,269
Median Value of owner-occupied housing units (2000): $155,100

Puyallup Business Facts

Businesses/Firms (1997): 3,367
Total Retail Sales (1997): $955,582,000
Manufacturer Shipments (1997): $320,511,000
Accommodation & Food Service Sales (1997): $72,078,000