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Welcome to Puyallup.com and for reading more about us. We are a local community website for people living in and around the City of Puyallup, Washington. We love the city and work hard to give the local residents as much information as possible. Over the last couple years we have covered a lot of topics. Our most common topics are city related as well as real estate, the Washington State Fair, restaurants, things to do, and of course many of the events happening every month. We receive thousands and thousands of visitors each month.

Our mission is to be a reliable source of information about Puyallup Washington. Many of our articles are about the city and will last for many generations to come. On our website you’ll find lots of photography and history information. We continue to work on that mission every day not only bringing you the most up to date information but also preserving the history of the city. Each day more and more residents discover our local community website and it’s a great feeling knowing local residents are finding it a useful local resource.

History of our website over the years:
Puyallup.com has had several owners over the years. It’s currently managed by a local management team who all live in Puyallup. We are compassionate about the area and do this for the community. We all believe that Puyallup is a great small town and that needs to be shared with everyone. Over the years Puyallup.com has gone through many revisions. It’s been owned since 1997.

No jobs at this time but we do accept local article submissions, however. If you’d like to volunteer in the city connect with the City of Puyallup directly.

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12119 137th Ave E
Puyallup, Washington 98374
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